Sunday, June 22, 2008

Whatchoo bloggin' 'bout Willis?

Usually, I am the first  person to shower at our house. But not on Sundays. On Sundays, I'm the last, which means I have to go after Emma -- our youngest, and the only one who still bathes (the rest of us shower, don't be disgusting).  
Well, Emma doesn't like to bathe alone. She likes to play in the tub, and of course, she never quite gets around to taking her toys back out. That means that by the time I get to the shower, it's rather crowded in there. 
Today, I took inventory of the menagerie:
5 Barbies: One "normal" Barbie - by which I mean, in full possession of all limbs and head, and also naked - which is the natural state of all Barbies, five minutes after they are unpackaged. One Mermaid Barbie, minus her fin, with purple streaks in her hair. One ethnic Barbie -- not sure the nationality -- with permanent bikini. One very flexible Barbie. One poor Barbie with only one leg and one and half arms -- but still smiling. 
3 Ninja Turtles: Leonardo and Donatello, in traditional costume, and Michelangelo in full skater garb, including knee and elbow pads and helmet.
1 Upright grand piano: Just like that one grandma used to have.
1 Basket of green apples.
1 Treasure chest.
1 Horse. 
1 Cow.
1 John Deere Tractor.
1 Pump/well apparatus and bucket overflowing with water.
1 Duck.
1 Farm girl.
1 Playground Slide.
1 Soup ladle.
1 Bear.
3 Corn stalks.
1 Red wagon.
1 Green Dodge Charger (only three wheels).
1 Velociraptor.
1 Allosaurus.
1 Blonde Little Person.
6 Stackable cups.
1 Red plastic cup.
1 Non-descript gray flag.
1 Rescue action figure (in wetsuit, with diving knife and adventure mullet).
The Entire Alphabet.
All numbers (Well, you know what I mean: 0-9. Actually, there are three sixes. I'm not sure if I should be frightened or not...)
1 Ford pickup truck.
And finally, something that looks like a hot dog, with goofy eyes and a scary grin, and over size arms (come to think of it, I'm not sure what the "normal" size would be for arms on a hot dog), stubby legs and a fedora.

I always thought of our tub as rather small.

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Pam Emmons said...

That is hillarious. My kids like a lot of toys in the tub but not like that!