Sunday, October 5, 2008

Logan Canyon

As a belated birthday present (okay, it's only belated by a day), my mom came up and joined our family on a trip up Logan Canyon, to look at the fall leaves, this afternoon. 
Logan canyon is quite possibly the prettiest canton in Utah -- especially in the Autumn. Today did not disappoint -- except for the issues that I was having with exposure (photographically speaking, of course -- I have no problem with the other kind).


The colors were stunning, and we managed to make it in between the rain showers (mostly).
We brought along both cameras (the canon and the pentax), and while I tried to take pictures of the fall colors, Jordan took pictures of cow pies (my children were completely fascinated by the big, brown, blobs).

On the way out of the canyon, the sun was beginning to break through, so we stopped and snapped a few pictures of the Logan Temple.

It was a beautiful afternoon. 


Straight to Your Hart said...

Beautiful!! I think the same about Logan Canyon...anytime of the year!

Sharon said...

I loved that trip dad Love the poop picture
love you, jordan