Wednesday, May 20, 2009

365: Week 20

Day 134

May 14: Matt says this shot makes him look like a ninja. I say it looks like a shot from the closing credits of Grease 2.

Day 135

May 15: Another weed. Is this a dandelion too -- are there different kinds of dandelions? Either way, it's a bit of sunshine. 

Day 136

May 16: Action shots. 

This is not a great picture, but it was a great moment. This is Matthew (in green)  scoring his last goal of the season -- this is the only goal I came to close to capturing (a sports photographer I am NOT). The Green Gators went undefeated this season!

Day 137

May 17: The great sunday night water balloon fight! My kids are not great shots from a distance -- so they decided to try the up close and personal approach.

Day 138

May 18: At first glance it looks like a stand of aspens in the Autumn afternoon...but it's not Autumn and these are just weeds in the field behind my house. 

Day 139

May 19: I think May is the best month of the year for sunsets. The longer evenings are still a novelty, and we have yet to barricade ourselves in our air conditioned homes, from the hot summer nights. 

This almost looks tropical, doesn't it? 

It's just a good old Farmington Utah sunset. 

Day 140

May 20: Self portrait. 

No, that's not me on the surf board. 

I live in Utah, and have only tried surfing a couple of times (and mostly just tried not to drown, or get eaten by sharks) -- though I do love the beaches of Santa Cruz and San Diego. But, I think maybe I have an old surfer's soul -- the ones that ride the long boards on the long slow waves. 

This is how I dress all summer long. 


Terri said...

May 18th - scotch broom? oy. Love the water balloon shot -- I hope your camera didn't get wet!

Another fun filled week for you and some great shots!

Gina said...

Wow, 18 is awesome. I was sure it was trees. All are beautiful as always. Great capture on the water fight!!

Terri said...

Speaking of dandelions, I took a few shots of one the other day.

Corey~living and loving said...

love love love the water balloon one. we had a water balloon fight on sunday too. it was Sugar bear against the side of the house. she won. :)

Mom24 said...

Those are seriously some great pictures. I love the water fight. Very cool.

I know exactly what you mean about May--here, it can be deliciously hot, but we're not jaded to it and it (eventually) cools off at night and leaves us with delightful sleeping weather.

Why can it be 86 in May and I don't crave the AC, but by July it will be cranked up high? Humidity I guess.

Michelle said...

You will risk life and limb to get a good action shot! :)