Wednesday, August 12, 2009

365: Week 32

Day 218

August 6: I love summer clouds. They're so big and dramatic! They just look apocalyptic!

Day 219

August 7: The hike up Adams Canyon: three miles and three hours.

The trail: Rocky and vertical.

The Waterfall at the top: breathtaking.

A day out with the boys: priceless.

Day 220

August 8: Day number 2 out with the boys: Still priceless, but a little more exhausted.

Day 221

August 9: Sunday morning breakfast.

Note to self: start earlier and you will actually be able to eat breakfast in the morning.

Day 223

August 10: I publish this picture, in spite of strong opposition from my lovely wife.

I was eating her ear.

I was hungry.

See what she puts up with?

Day 224

August 11: There is something very therapeutic about standing in the back yard, and squirting stuff with the hose.

I was out there for at least an hour.

I was pretending it was my lightsaber.

(Try NOT getting your camera wet, while doing this -- it requires more dexterity than you -- I -- would think).

Day 225

August 12: This is not the most flattering picture of Jordan, but I wanted to catch the moment that she realized she had won a blue ribbon at the county fair.

I had snuck in earlier, so I already knew the results. That's two years in a row now that she has beaten me (I got some third place ribbons) -- I may have to take away her camera privileges.


Mom24 said...

Go Jordan! That's awesome. I love the picture of you and your wife. Those are the kinds of pictures I find myself treasuring. Years from now when you see that picture it will always make you smile.

Anonymous said...

Yay Jordan!! I love all of your photos, but the one with the squirting water does look like a light saber. So neat!

Emily said...

Go Jordan! That rocks!
Great pictures...may the force be with you!

Michelle said...

Congrats to Jordan on her win (and to you for your 3rd places). Looks like she is taking after dear old dad.

The picture of you and Sharon is a hoot!

So what were you boys cooking in the dutch oven??

Straight to Your Hart said...

We were out on the lake during that apocalyptic storm. That was the best dang time we've had out there...truly...the boat was rockin so hard but with 7 girls stuck on the boat waiting to put it back on the trailer..priceless. Laughed and giggled our wet selves for hours. We did put our flags down because of the lightening;)

Um..I think her ear was a snack before breakfast!..I know it was a different day..just sayin. I'm glad the picture of her is up...she is a beauty Chris.

Thank you for commenting and staying with my blog this summer...It has been a very interesting and fun filled few months. I will be getting back into it as the schedule will allow. You have been very kind. Have a great night:)