Wednesday, November 11, 2009

365: Week 45

Day 310

November 5: Photo Finish.

I shot about 30 times to get this shot. Two of these cars (the bottom two) are ours, and the red car with the little Lego guy , belongs to one of my son's good friends. The middle car is my son Matthew's, and the ultimate winner of the 2009 Pinewood Derby!

Day 311

November 6: Your tax dollars at work.

Why say something in three words if you can say it in five? Better yet, say it both ways.

Day 312

November 7: Someone threw away a perfectly good Emma.

Day 313

November 8: Over our front door. Hopefully, these are the last words my children see each day, as they walk out the door.

Day 314

November 9: It's been close to thirteen years since Sharon and I have had pictures of just the two of us.

Aren't I a lucky man?

(I shot this remotely, so it still counts!)

Day 315

November 10: I just love this shot -- it seems so surreal. The ball is actually casting a shadow against the sky.

Day 316

November 11: To those who serve. To those who stand firm. To those who fight. To those who come back and to those on the green fields of foreign shores, who lie beneath white crosses.

Thank you.

And Happy Veteran's Day.


Emily said...

Great pictures as always. That shadow from the ball is did that happen?
And I like the sign over the front door...

Anonymous said...

Fantastic photographs Chris! I especially like Day 310, Day 313 and Day 314. Would you mind terribly if I stole those words in Day 313 for over our door? It's a wonderful idea.

Mom24 said...

Awesome pictures. I love the Pinewood Derby shot. I'm still scratching my head about the ball casting the shadow...wild!

Terri said...

OK, that shadow is puzzling. When you enlarge the photo, you can see her hands making a "shadow" too - only they look more like tracers. Any idea how that happened??

{krista} said...

You are a lucky man... you are a beautiful couple. I love the saying above the door. I need to put one above mine. Fabulous week!

Corey~living and loving said...

another set of great shots. I'm still powering through my kitty series. I've done two months now, and have committed to another.

I wish you GREAT luck on the photography business front. I have no advice, though. Have fun!

puna said...

I like how you do a week's worth at a time. And thank you for the wonderful tribute to our veterans.

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

How did you do that jumping shot? That is way too awesome!

Emmy said...

Love that ball shot! It is awesome

Honey Mommy said...

That picture of the Derby cars is SO cool!