Wednesday, November 25, 2009

365: Week 47

Day 324 

November 19: It just caught my eye. I find that this little project is full of pictures like this.

     Day 325

November 20: Not only did I park there, I stopped and I stood too.

Day 326

November 21: Same old story. Driving down the road, realized I hadn't taken a picture yet, stuck camera out of window.

Day 327

November 22: Is it winter fireworks, or is it snowflakes caught in the porch light, with the camera set on a low shutter speed?

I like winter fireworks better.

Day 328

November 23: Guess who's in charge of making rolls for Thanksgiving dinner?

Guess who doesn't know how to make rolls?

(They look like gargoyles, don't they?)

Day 329

November 24:  Centerville Ward Chapel. Built in 1879.

I was introduced to this building this week. I love these old mormon buildings. There are not many of them left -- most have been torn down and replaced with more modern buildings. But they each have such a fascinating pioneer history. At the time they were built they served not only as a house of worship, but often as public meeting spaces and places of social gathering. Here people prayed and sang, they danced, they voted. It was the hub of the community.

Day 330

November 25: New friends. I had the opportunity to take some pictures with new friends today.

Thanks Hart/Pomeroy families, the pictures turned out great (if I do say so myself...)


Pam Emmons said...

I love the boots. Can't wait to see more of those pictures!

kayerj said...

love the boots
the chapel
and the snow
oh and the shot of the sky in the mirror

Happy thanksgiving

Terri said...

Great batch of photos tonight Chris! I love the side mirror reflection. And the chapel is quite picturesque. Well done! Not one of Emma? or are her feet among the boots?

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I'm grateful that you share your excellent photos and writing and your heart with us!

{krista} said...

Love those boots... i want some... and those rolls... look like something I would make... hahaha!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Honey Mommy said...

Love the winter fireworks!

It cracks me up that you are such a lawbreaker (no stopping or standing, huh? We'll see about that!)... though it is probably not illegal to stick your camera out the window, just scary! I haven't done that one yet! I am tempted though because I like the way your pictures turn out!

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope the rolls at least tasted delicious!

Michelle said...

Fantastic shots Chris!

Your comment about the sign made me chuckle. Apparently you are still breaking a few rules!

The snow flake shot is so interesting. That is something that you probably won't ever see on my blog.

Love the snow boots shot. You should share more from the photo shot!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Emily said...

Snow! I'm so jealous. (Well, only a little since I'm at the beach right now which rocks.)
I had no idea that you were such a rule breaker!
That is a pretty church. Why were they torn down? It's so sad to tear down buildings like that with all that history.

Corey~living and loving said...

love this set. seriously. WOW! each and every single one. :) especially the last one. love the diferent sizes of boots.