Wednesday, December 30, 2009

365: Week 52 (Almost there)

Day 358

December 24: Christmas Eve. One last moment of peace, before the magic and the wonder -- and the chaos. The kids were in bed, the stockings were hung, and the glow of the Christmas lights bathed the entire room in warm and soft beauty.

Day 359

December 25: Me and my son.

Day 360

December 26: Emma, playing Santa at Grandma's house.

Day 361

December 27: We try to incorporate some of our family heritage in to our Christmas celebration each year. For many years we've had England and Sweden well represented, and this year we were finally able to add Germany, when we were given this German Pyramid/Nativity.

That blur around the Holy Family is the Three Wise Men. They were in a hurry.

Day 362

December 28: Some good friends took Matt and I to an autograph party with members of the Utah Jazz, Monday night. I have pictures of Matt with all of his favorite players, but for my money this is the autograph to hold on to. Jerry Sloan, coach of the team, is the longest tenured coach in American professional sports - and second in the world, only to the coach of Manchester United -- and English soccer team.

I've always had enormous respect for Coach Sloan -- I love his attitude. He believes that since the guys he coaches are getting paid millions of dollars to play a game, they ought to shut up and do it.

Day 363

December 29: When it gets to be 11:45 pm, and you're pretty much confined to the living rooom, your choices become rather limited.

Day 364

December 30: Another day of shooting portraits. Generous neighbors and friends, and friends of friends and neighbors have been a Godsend to our little family this past month.

And one to go...


Anonymous said...

Almost there! I can't believe a new year is starting. Love the German nativity. Very pretty.

Emily said...

After seeing the photo of you and your son's lego personas I now have the song Shoulda Been a Cowboy stuck in my head. (even though I think that was an Indy lego man?)
That German nativity was very cool. It looks small but how big was it really?
And I'm sooooo not a basketball fan (if you ask, I'll tell you why) but even I know who Jerry Sloan is. Way cool.
Happy New Years!

{krista} said...

That nativity is so beautiful! Happy New Year, Chris!!! Are you going to do this again next year?

Heidi said...

I really love the shot of the German Nativity. It is so lovely in the darkness lit only by the candles.
I also love the way Mickey turned out. He really feels like the classic that he is.
I will really miss seeing your week through your camera lens next year. I've really enjoyed seeing your creativity and artistic point of view.

kayerj said...

It's been fun following your photo history all year

Happy New Year

Michelle said...

Great job Chris! Aren't the German Pyramids awesome? I love mine.

I just wanted to make sure to wish you and your family a Happy New Year. I have really enjoyed visiting your blog. Your a very talented photographer and have provided me with a lot of inspiration.

I hope 2010 is good to you my bloggy friend.

Happy New Year!

Mom24 said...

I love your "Germany". It's great. I've always wanted one of those.

Hope 2010 is full of good things for all of you.

So, now that you're almost at the end, would you do this challenge again.

Corey~living and loving said...

love each and every one. I can't believe you are almost there. :) Kitty project is still going.

come on back and see my year in review. :)

have a happy New Year!