Thursday, March 25, 2010

Photostory Friday: 365 Week 12

Hosted by Chris

Day 78

March 19: I broke out the guitar for some "Puff the Magic Dragon" with the kids.

Just like the pictures I take of the beat up keys on my piano, I love the wear on the neck of the guitar. It gives the instrument life.

Day 79

March 20: Washing my car. In TECHNICOLOR!

Day 80

March 21: Have you ever known someone, who seemed to be so limited, but just refused to accept it?

These little fingers belong to my nephew, Jackson. The stubbiness of his fingers is attributable to his Down's Syndrome. Jackson is almost three, and coming along at about half the pace of other children his age. His life will have it's struggles.

But don't tell Jackson that.

From the smiles on his face, you'd think he'd won the lottery. And maybe he has, because his life has a purpose -- simply to make people smile. It's his job, and he takes it VERY seriously.

And he is VERY good at it.

Day 81

March 22: For the next three months or so, these little pink pills and I will be very close.

Day 82

March 23: I was going to call this "Spring Promise" or "Budding Beauty" or "Hope."

Instead, I choose to call it "Wandering around in the backyard, looking up."

Day 83

March 24: You know I'm out of ideas, when I resort to this.

Day 84

March 25: Can I confide in you for a moment? One of my favorite parts about being a dad, is coming in the door, after a long day at work, and being met by this little face.

 It just makes everything all better.


Anonymous said...

Love the well-loved guitar.

Who knew washing a car could be so pretty.

Jackson sounds like an amazing kid! We can learn so much through children.

Love Emma's kissy face. Great thing to come home to.

Great pictures this week!

I had to double up this week. I've been crazy busy offline but I have tried not to let the pictures slide even though posting has.

Corey~living and loving said...

love the guitar, and the tree....and the self portrait is nice as well. but the kissy face....that is priceless. ♥

Camily said...

I agree. Beautiful photos, love the self portrait. But the kissy face takes the cake!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

I like the tree shot. looking at things from a different perspective, gives you a different perspective.

kayerj said...

that's a darling little face to be met by. I think your guitar has lots of character. My husband has entertained our kids with music for many years. There favorite "Leo the Lion".

debi9kids said...

I just sat here crying reading about little Jackson. My son Will is special needs and not too long ago, I wrote very similar words on my family blog about him. If only we could all live our lives as happily as Jackson & Will :)

cat said...

I just love the originality of each and every one of your pictures. I just love the carwash. And Jackson's story is so well told. Beautiful.

koreen (aka: winn) said...

Very nice. Great set. The self-portrait is very good... something that is so hard to do! =)

I have to admit, I've lost inspiration lately... or maybe I've just plateaued, or even peaked. Kind of scary. Or it could be the stress of moving. Who knows.

Mom24 said...

I love the technicolor bubbles. Very cool.

Stubby fingers are always good. There's just something so adorable about little kid's hands.

I envy you your guitar skills. It's a great instrument to learn.

Liz {Learning To Juggle} said...

Those stubby little fingers make me smile! So very precious!!

For me the only redeeming quality of working was coming home to my boys in the evening and having them run up to me with the biggest hugs ever!!

Unknown said...

I even love the picture you had to 'resort' to of your husband.

The car is so fun with all the colors. Now I am singing 'At the Car Wash' thanks for putting that little diddy in my head!

Jackson is just the best : ) LOVE that!

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

Those little pink pills are going to be my friends for awhile too. And I came to work without them so I'm headed to the store to get some more. Ugh. Allergies suck.

Love, love, love Jackson's little fingers.

Love, love, love the guitar.

And emma..who couldn't love that face?

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

Life with Kaishon...that's Chris. Chris is a "he" :-) *snicker*

Emmy said...

Love all of your pictures!

I espeically love the caption of the tree, too funny.

Those bubbles are awesome!

And that hand, so so sweet and wonderful wonderful picture, wow total art.

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

Love the angle and color of the guitar.

I'm wondering where you found colorful dirt to put on your car, because the bubbles look like dirt when I clean my car.

Love that little hand...and the promise that's with it.

I hope the pills are for a good thing.

The sky...the spring..the warm weather.

Please stop looking at me..I feel like I'm in trouble!

And, I tell my hubby I want to have a son just so I get that same reaction he gets from our girls when he gets home. It's just not the same.

Emily said...

What are the pink pills for? (yes, I know I'm nosy.)
Jackson sounds like a special little guy.
Puff the Magic, you're quite the rocker. ;)

Kat said...

Those are some fabulous shots! I love the technicolor bubbles! And the wandering around in the backyard looking up shot. Great!

CDB said...

Love hte guitar strings.. wow, what a shot. And is that Benadryl? B&I are really close this week.

latree said...

I love the guitar, I love the bubbles, I love the tree, I love the tiny hand, I love the pills, I love the girl,

but I don't like it when you're outta ideas :D

Heidi said...

Have I ever told you how much I love reading your posts? I love the picture of your guitar. It reminds me so much of my dad's and the way that he would pull it out and sing old folk songs with him. I have very fond memories of this, and so will your kids.

I love your technicolor soap. It's just so cheery. It almost makes me want to go make my own car all suddsy.

Your nephew is a wonder! I have watched a cousin of mine deal with her own son who has downs. Nothing will stand in his way if he doesn't want it too. He will have a rich and full life with the help of a loving family.

Little pink pills? Are you starting birth control?

Looking up has a way of draging your spirit up with it. And what a great shot of the cool wintery sky. (I know it's supposed to be spring, but the coloring just looks so,, Decemberish)

Love the self portrait, you have a sweet smile.

And who could resist that adorable little face. I hope you love her everytime you walk through the door. You only have a few years left before she won't want anything to do with "dad".

Sounds like life is definitely looking good. :)

Tracie Nall said...

A well loved, well played guitar. Nice. (and Puff the Magic Dragon? that is a favorite song from my childhood!) those colorful bubbles clean? Because that is very fun!

I love how the view changes when you come at it from a different angle! Looking up is great!

That last one....too sweet!

Cecily R said...

Wear, like rust, is character. I really like the guitar shot. Love the angle.

Love the tiny fingers. People like Jackson were put on the earth to make it brighter and better.

I like your self portrait. It's a good one.

And Emma...who wouldn't love being a dad to that face?

Nicole said...

Awww, I love his little fingers! What a sweet heart and your right, he is the way he is to bring joy to others.

Great pictures as usual! It's suppose to be nice this week, I cant wait to get out there and take some pictures1

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

I have a little cousin with Down Syndrome and he has got to be the happiest kid I have ever met. Such sweet spirits.

Love me some Puff the Magic Dragon, and the pink pills? Not that it's any of our business, but you did put it out there... haha :)

Michelle said...

Great angle on the guitar.

I always love the shots you take of your nephew.

Rainbow soap? Did you get that just for a cool blog shot?

Emma....what a character!

I suspect those pink pills are for allergies! husband has it bad right now.

Love that self portrait. I try to avoid them myself. :)

stephbouf2 said...

I love your pics!!! I my fav is the kissy one! she's soo cute!
I like the pic of you! :)
Jackson reminds me of my little brother's a struggle but's that's how it's supposed to be. Will makes me smile everyday. :D
p.s. Thanks for the comments on my blog!! It's nice to get a proffesionals view! :) Oh and yeah it's really easy to play violin..easier than playing the guitar!!

Kelly Deneen Raymond said...

Ah, so bummed I missed out last week. I was out of town, but I'll do 2 weeks' worth this Thursday night. :)

LOVE your pics this week! Those little fingers made me tear up, and I am happy to see a self-portrait. Love those!

BTW, it took me a while to figure out what the pink pills were for. heh.

{krista} said...

Could be worse, they could be pepto bismol pills that you have to take for the next three months... or is that worse?