Thursday, April 8, 2010

Photostory Friday: 365 Week 14

Hosted by Chris

PhotoStory Friday Give me your best shot at Better in Bulk

Hosted by Cecily and Lolli

Week 14

Or, the week I managed to shoot all three of my children
(that line just never gets old)

Day 91

April 2: I hadn't broken out the lights in over a year, and Emma was momentarily game, so we set up a little impromptu photo studio in the upstairs hallway.

Day 92

April 3: I don't know what they are, but they're growing in my front yard, and they're pretty.

Day 93

April 4: My focal point was supposed to be the flower, but for as long as I've been taking pictures of Jordan, all I ever see are her eyes.

Day 94

April 5: COME ON! It's April 5th!

We got six inches of snow in three hours.

Winter is not my friend.

Day 95

April 6: I was there to take pictures of the sunset. Matt was there for the sunset. We put a (very) quick ten miles behind us chasing the light, and when we got to the lake, I had a camera attached to my face the entire time. But Matt sat down, and took time to absorb the moment -- in the moment.

To be totally honest, he also wanted to talk to the ducks -- he asked if any of them were mighty.

He's an odd one.

I'm not sure where he gets it.

Day 96

April 7: The infamous black jellybean.

Do you or don't you?

Day 97

April 8: A trampoline is a stage, and a rocket ship and a bed and a circus and countless other things.

I don't know who invented the coiled steel spring (or the trampoline), but this spring, and about a hundred more just like it, will give more joy and exercise to my kids than anything else we'll do this summer.


Cecily R said...

I love all the pics of your kids. Love that Emma likes improptu shoots and Jordan has such great eyes (and hair! Jealous me!) and that Matt like to talk to ducks (so were any of them mighty?). Love that each of the shots is very different. Speaks to their personalities.

P.S. I do NOT.

Tracie Nall said...

-That first pic is awesome!
-I don't know what they are either, but they are pretty!
-I can see what you are saying about Jordan's eyes....they are amazing! She's really beautiful!
-I love snow! (spoken like a person who lives in Florida and isn't having it in April!)
-Beautiful sunset picture! I could take lessons from Matt about living in the moment and taking time to talk to the ducks.
-The black jelly way!

Raise Them Up said...

Both girls have engaging eyes. Beautiful shots! Somedays I'd like to shoot all my kids too. Lol! If only they'd cooperate!

Black jelly beans are made to be eaten. I claim every single one of them, in every single bag we buy.

CDB said...

Wow, amazing shot of Jordan, and what lights do you have?! Did you just--pick those up at Wal-Mart (ha). And snow in April.. seriously? I don't feel as bad about 48" now. We hit 90 degrees in our Nation's capital today!

Mom24 said...

Black jelly beans? No way!

Jordan is gorgeous. Seriously.

That picture of Matt may be my favorite of yours yet.

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

Jordan's are right. They are amazing. I love that shot. I love every one of your photos and because each of them is unique. I like Matt being a bit "off"...he reminds me of my kid and the rest of my crazy family!

And black jelly beans...ah, favorite! Grandma and I used to sneak them together, even when she wasn't supposed to be eating candy. The first anniversary of her death I went to her grave and laid a bag of black jelly beans on the stone. I have a feeling the ants just loved that...and the caretakers of the cemetery! :-)

Kelly Deneen Raymond said...

I LOL at the question about the mighty ducks. :) I love hockey. heh.

And YAY that you shot all three of your kids this week!! They are all beautiful. And what lights do you have?? Very cool!

Black jellybeans. That would be a no. I used to give all of mine to my dad.

So sorry that you are still getting snow. Thankfully we are done with that. *knocks on wood*

And woo hoo for trampolines!! Kids (and adults) LOVE them!!

Emily said... actually photographed your other children? ;) just kidding.
I always love to see shots of Emma. And Jordan is just a beautiful girl. The sunset picture is pretty and the comment funny.

Black jellybeans? Gross. All jellybeans? Gross.
Why would anyone want a jellybean when they could have chocolate?

Honey Mommy said...

Your photos this week are great!

I wish I could say the same about mine... all the snow gave me a serious case of the blahs.

How did you take that picture of it snowing... not that I want to see any more white stuff for a while!

Emmy said...

Love the angle on that sunset picture! And the light, wow, awesome. So awesome that you shot all three of your kids ;) But seriously great pictures this week.

Oh and did I mention we went to the beach today? ;P

Honey Mommy said...

p.s. I am not too fond of the black jelly beans... and I must be tired because it took me a minute to get the joke about shooting your kidsz!

debi9kids said...

The first thing i noticed were her eyes too!

I hate black jelly beans, but they are the favorite of 2 of my kids.

LOVE trampolines! fun fun fun

My brother told me about the lovely snow you are having out there. LOL nothing like the spring and snow to ruin a perfectly pretty hiacynth (that's the flower) in the front lawn :)

Corey~living and loving said...

So cool that you got all three kids this week. Love the dramatic lighting in the first one...and the sunset one is fabulous. The flower is perfect, such a great color of yellow. Good week.

Rachel said...

Love the shots! Snow? you got SNOW? *thief* ;)

And black jelly beans? I'm with Emily - why when there's chocolate?!

And the hyacinths are absolutely gorgeous! I can almost smell them from here!

Jenny said...

I love the pictures as always...all but that yucky black jellybean!

Your children are beautiful!

Frogmum said...

Great shots. Love the two of your daughters, but the sunset son one is lovely too. Thanks for stopping by :D

kayerj said...

My favorite this week--Matt and the sunset.

Ryanne said...

What great pictures. I love the falling snow one...don't love it when the white stuff falls so late but great shot! Well, really they all are, but that was my favorite.

Maude Lynn said...

That shot of the spring is really cool!

Cajoh said...

I always say: "It's never really spring until after the April snow".

Looks like it snowed where you are. I think I felt something yesterday that could have been snow— so COME ON SPRING!!!

Alex@LateEnough said...

Oh my goodness, the snow one is spectacular. (although snowing in april is not) It looks like pictures of the Milky Way galaxy.

Liz {Learning To Juggle} said...

They are all so lovely...I don't know where to start.

I love the picture of the trampoline spring. My boys could use one of those (the trampoline of course, not the spring)

latree said...

I don't know why, first picture made me feel creepy...

Heidi said...

Thanks for doubling my comments on my post!!!!
I wish I had a hallway big enough to do an impromptu photo studio. I would also love the equipment to set up a photo studio. I am extremely jealous right now.!

Your lovely, fragrant flower is a hyacinth. I love the way they smell, but can only handle it for a little while. I would love to plant some of these but I'm afraid they wouldn't come back the next year.

I love the colored flower, it really does draw the focus to it, but you're right, the first thing I looked at was Jordan's eyes. They are beautiful and deep.

The snow shot is very cool, even if it is April. But I keep wondering what ONE you want to COME? :)
Now you can go through this and find all my spelling errors. I would deserve it because I can't spell worth crap.

That is the most awe inspiring sunset I've ever seen. But I think your son may be on the right track, I may come home with beautiful pictures but have I actually taken the time to enjoy what's going on around me when it's happening.

Black Jelly Beans, I would if I could, do you?

I have to second everything about the trampoline. I have many fond memories of my tramp from my childhood and I have throughly enjoyed watching my kids let their imaginations soar.

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Black jelly beans are nasty!
As usual, you photos are fab. I really like the son and sunset photo.

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

Wow...all of the kids. It's s miracle.

Amazing that you got those pretty flowers and 6" of snow in the same week.

And, yes please to the black jelly bean! I went to find some today on sale. No luck!

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

We've been talking about getting a trampoline...maybe. Haven't mentioned it to the kids yet though.

And yes, I do like black jelly beans.

Love the pictures of the kids. The one "in the moment" is very cool.

Suzanne said...

Black jelly beans...BLAH! (Same with black licorice!)

stephbouf2 said...

WoW! your kids are sooo cute!! Jordan has very,very,very,very,very,very,very,very, VERY! Beautiful eyes!!
WOW three inchs of snow?! It's been really warm here!!
I luv the in the moment shot it's beautiful! LOL I luv ducks! they're sooo cute! I love your pics!! ;D
ew,ew,ew,ew,ew,ew,ew,ew,ew, jellybeans?! YUCK!!! :p