Thursday, May 6, 2010

Photostory Friday: 365 Week 18

Hosted by Chris

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecilyand Debi

Day 119

April 30: To blow or not to blow.

What do you think she did?

Day 120

May 1: Bridals at Memory Grove.

This was a portion of the park that I hadn't been to before. Hidden back up in the woods, is this long stone stairway, with what looks like a sacrificial altar at the top, framed by trees.

The scene just begged me to drop a bride into it.

Bridals are some of my favorite pictures to take -- I love the radiance of the white dress against the more earthy background colors, and the contrast of the elegance and the rugged.

Day 121

May 2: On the one hand, this cracks me up.

On the other, it makes me a little misty.

This is what compromise looks like.

(Incidentally, Matt and Emma are wearing MY inline skates -- men's size 10 -- which is why it comes up to Emma's knee)

Day 122

May 3: Obligatory weekly flower shot.

The tulips are beginning to bloom! We have pinks, purples, whites and oranges, with dark blues coming soon.

Day 123

May 4: Obligatory late night shot.

Have you tried Izze? It's carbonated fruit juice. I love the grapefruit, clementine and blackberry drinks.

I wasn't sure I could drink this new Blueberry flavor.

It turns out I did just fine.

Day 124

May 5: I use a lot of lotion.


Consequently, I have to buy lotion quite regularly. Today I saw something I've never seen before.

Man Lotion.

Since I am a man (in case you were wondering -- as, evidently, some of you do...), I thought it was my "Y" Chromosomal Duty to try man lotion.

So I did.


Who decided that a man wants to smell like this?

It's so musky! And it's SO strong, and abiding. I only put a small amount on my hands, and I could smell it for hours. It curled my eyebrows. It was so potent, my wife made me go buy some "normal" lotion, or she wouldn't let me back in the house, after I took the lotion out for a rugged, manly photo shoot, amongst the dirt and rocks.

So, I've got a giant bottle of man lotion going cheap.

Any takers?

Day 125

May 6: Running late, and need to get this post up.

Here's a shot of four of my favorite kids.


Emmy said...

I was wondering why the lotion was out in nature, too funny.
And what colorful kids you have ;)

Love the skating picture, it is so sweet!

Honey Mommy said...

First of all, she blew it.

I love reading your blog. You always make me smile, which is much appreciated after a day with two kids under the age of four!

I need to get some family pics done soon. Hopefully I can find somewhere as nice as Memory Grove... only in Utah county.

Love your obligatory shots. Mine are usually obligatory photos of the kids! Speaking of which, your kids look yum-o!

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

You like lotion huh? OK. Well...whatever...(weirdo) (I won't tell him that I'm a big fan myself, especially in the winter when it is dry out and now and again I use it even when I don't have dry skin because that would be weird too. . .)

Love the Emma shot. Hello...she totally blew it all over the place. I know that girl. :-)

debi9kids said...

I agree...she blew it!
(funny, because I have a dandilion photo as well this week.)

OMGOSH! You are so right about the man lotion! My son bought it and OMG! it smells so strong. It;s like a male french BEEEEEEP.

Cecily R said...

She blew.

I LOVE the bridal shoot. I have two in the next month and Memory Grove is a great spot to suggest (to one of them--the other has her own ideas. The nerve of some brides!).

The man lotion made me snort. I'm sure it really appreciates being given a man shoot.

Now I want Sour PAtch Kids. Dang you.

Corey~living and loving said...

What a great set this week.

I think she blew. :)

and the bride...stunning.

and the compromise....WOW!

and the lotion. ick.

the tulips.....envious...

and the kids....yum!

Amy said...

i love the compromising roller blading - that is so sweet.

gorgeous bridal and very fun tulips - mine have yet to bloom.

thanks for swinging by the family trifecta :)

kayerj said...

I'm sure she chose to blow . . . doesn't every kid?
I love bridal's too
my kids had a pair of neon blue inline skates with neon green laces that they used to share. love that shot :)
I'm glad to see your tulips are blooming--no more tulip envy, eh?
so funny about the man lotion.

Pam Emmons said...

I still love the bridal shot...
Matt's birthday is coming up. Maybe some roller blades?
Your dandelion shot was MUCH better than mine.
Stinky lotion. I'm laughing at you. You just can't hear me.

Star said...

I remember when my brother had a pair of roller baldes, but I did not. We used to skate like that up and downt he road all the time!!

Emily said...

I am so glad you recognized the stink that is man-sented product. I really wish my husband would!

Carbonated fruit juice? Um, yuck.

Glad the tulips finally bloomed for you!

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

I think she blew on the "wish flower."

So glad your tulips finally bloomed for you. It's about time.

And, what is it with women scented stuff being flowery. That's equally as gross!

Compromise perfectly captured.

I haven't tried an Izze, but I hear they are great.

Please send the kids my way. I will even eat the yellow ones. Those are my fav!

Mom24 said...

Great shots! I love your kids. Sadly, our tulips are over for the season, flowering trees too. Time marches on. ;)

Jenny said...

Where to begin this week?

I love the setting for the bridal photo. Beautiful!

The only tulips around here are fake...those are fantastic!

My husband would love something that smells that strong. Now I have to be sure he doesn't find out about it!

And the candy...oh the candy! I love that stuff!

stephbouf2 said...

She blew it! It's acually very hard to resist u can't help but blow!

Well the brdal shot didn't pop up :( i don'tknow whyy but it mayy be my comp.

ooohhh I LOVE Tulips!! Theyy smell soo good!

LOL! Man lotion! I've never acually heard of man lotion b4 untill my brother bought it. He smelled...overdone.

I love the candyyy!!Mmmmmm Candyyy :D

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

The man lotion-- too funny!

{krista} said...

Ah, memory grove, that's wehre it is... I was all excited there for a second when i saw the man lotion, so thanks for the heads up that I will have to make my husband move out if he buys any.