Thursday, July 8, 2010

Photostory Friday: 365 Week 27

Hosted by Chris

Day 182

July 2: The pleasant surprise was good chinese food, and the kids sleeping over at Grandma's -- and, you know, other stuff.

My favorite thing about this picture is that the left piece of the fortune cookie looks like a nose. :)

Day 183

July 3: Cross Brigham Young with Uncle Sam and Farmer Brown, throw in a little Jimmy Buffett for good measure, and what do you get?

By gosh, you get America!

Day 184

July 4: On your birthday, you should be able to do whatever you want -- and Emma wanted to spin around in the sunshine, in her new tutu.

Truthfully, Emma's birthday is July 3, but we were busy celebrating the Nation's birthday on the 3rd (because that's when all the parades and fireworks were), so we celebrated Emma's birthday on July 4.

Or something like that.

Now I have a headache.

What a weird year.

Day 185

July 5: Augusta and June, my five year old twin nieces, in town from Georgia. They're the very picture of innocence right?


They're nuts.

These are All Star Wrestling-kill and clean their own chicken-trying to catch and cook a squirrel-Crimson Tide lovin'-absolutely fearless-southern fried maniacs.

But they're so dang cute.

(And I'm June's boyfriend)

Day 186

July 6: I love my daisies almost as much as I love my tulips.

Day 187

July 7: Emma and I on the Sky Ride at Lagooon (a local amusement park), looking very cool.

Emma just about lost her shoes on this ride, and I nearly dropped my camera.

For a very slow ride, it was rather breathtaking.

Day 188

July 8: I hate Play-Doh.

I know it's fun, and I loved it as a kid, but as an adult...

Eventually it all gets mixed into one big gray blob, and then it dries out and breaks down into smaller and smaller crumbs which get everywhere. Not to mention the stuff that gets mashed into the carpet and the upholstered furniture (even though EVERYONE knows it's ONLY supposed to played with at the table!)

Other than that, I have no strong feelings on the subject.

Did you know that they have a Play-Doh scented cologne?!

(Whoever THEY are...)


koreen (aka: winn) said...

Day 182: Congrats on no kids and, you know, other stuff.

Day 184: precious! Great shot. Also, that's my anniversary.

Day 186: love what you did with this daisy! Was this in the editing? Or did you shoot it in front of a black-drop? (Like how I did that? Black-drop? Get it?!)

Day 187: nice.

Day 188: I hear you. The worst thing about playdoh is the smell. It makes me gag. Also, Evan shoves all his toys into it, so guess who's job it is to dig the crap out of the crevices of his toys. Just guess. That's right. (((gag)))

Emmy said...

Yes I cleaned up a lot of gray play dough myself the other day. But it was let the kids play with it or have them fight with each other while I was taking care of the baby.

Your daisy shot is amazing!!! Seems like it should be on some advertisement or postcard or something.

And that spinning picture is so fun

debi9kids said...

OH! I hate Playdough! With.a.passion.
and my kids love it. {read: love to mash it in my carpet}

I LOVE your daisy too! Just as much as I loved your tulips :)

I'm not sure which I love more, your photos, or the great back-stories.

Cecily R said...

You and Emma are VERY cool.

Totally digging the daisy shot.

Other stuff? Huh?

Happy birthday Emma!!!

Rose said...

Play Duh scented cologne, really? Honestly, I don't mind the smell (as a child's tactile activity - not a cologne); but then again we make our own so I don't smell THAT smell often. It also helps circumvent the merging of color into gray - only one color at a time.

Daisy - cool. Great week of photos.

And it really does look like a nose.

Have an awesome week.

kayerj said...

I love America--nice of him to drive by and wave :)

Play dough--ugh! Here's a question for you, if parents everywhere hate play dough why do they keep buying it?

Honey Mommy said...

I really need to get some daisies. Once my tulips are gone we don't really have any flowers in our flower beds. Knowing you as I do through your blog, I am assuming that they come up every year by themselves, right?

I don't let my boys play with Play-Doh very often because it is evil. By the way, I love your shots of everyday items.

We need to go to Lagoon sometime. I bet my boys would LOVE it.

{krista} said...

My youngest wants to go to Lagoon. My dh is trying to convince her she is insane.

I LOVE daisies and mine need to bloom NOW because I'm dying to take pictures! Literally. Dying.

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

Totally looks like a nose.....and yay for the kiddos going to the grandparents house!

I'm still confused about the birthdays now.

Those sisters..yeah, I can see them getting into trouble.

Love the daisy.

And, that ride now sounds terrifying.

We've now moved all play-doh play to the backyard. I don't really care what the patio or grass looks like!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris. :) I've decided after falling off the wagon big time to join you once again.

Love the daisy and play-doh shots. And I feel the same way about play-doh. H-A-T-E the stuff, but everytime I'm in the toy isle I want to get some. Thankfully I've remembered how much I hate it before purchasing it. I've gone 6 years of parenthood without having to deal with it in my house yet. And that being said we'll get some gifted to us soon I'm sure. ;)

Maude Lynn said...

I'm totally with you on play-doh. But, it's a very cool shot!

Emily said...

Ok, I was just thinking those little twins were the cutest little Georgia peaches until you mentioned they were Bama fans. Ugh. ;)
Glad Emma had a birthday worthy of tutu-twirling.
And seriously, play-do scented cologne...I just have to say, from a woman's perspective, that would be a major turn off!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Love the daisy. I understand all about cute crazy twins!

Amy said...

Wonderful photos as always.

I don't let the kids mix their playdoh - then the color stays true :) I'm hoping it will also teach them that if you take care of things they last longer. We'll see.

Hope your fortune comes true :)

Michelle said... don't like playdoh? I think I might have to stop coming here. :)

Oh the smell of a fresh can. It is intoxicating.

Michelle said...

We drove through UT (stopping in Salt Lake) on our drive home. Not sure what part of the state you live in, but I gave you a wave just the same. :)

Unknown said...

A night home with your husband :) How fun is that!

Kidding. Kidding! I know you are a boy Chris! : )

LOVE the birthday tutu! Love that she is spinning. May she always spin and dance thru life. Often, when we stop spinning, we stop finding joy. And without joy....what is life.

You might hate play doh but your picture of it is OUTSTANDINGLY beautiful!

Have a wonderful weekend with your family Chris!