Thursday, October 14, 2010

Photostory Friday: 365 Week 41

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and Lolli

Day 278

October 8: Yep.

I missed another day.

That's three.

I'm glad this year is almost over  :)

Day 279

October 9: A wild herd of soccer players.

Or is that a gaggle?

Day 280

October 10: A portal to the stars.

I've always been fascinated by looking up at the stars.

By the idea that you're not just looking at space, but literally into the face of time.

Day 281

October 11: Or...

You could just lick it off...

Day 282

October 12: Rounding up the usual suspects.

Except the ones on the ends -- they're rather unusual.

Day 283

October 13: Our local fire department held their annual open house tonight -- which basically means inviting all the neighborhood kids in to climb all over their trucks, and wear their clothes.

Notice the foot wear; flip flops are an essential part of any fire fighter's wardrobe.

Day 284

October 14: This is how you know when it's time to trim your eyebrows.


Tracie Nall said...

How fun that your firehouse has an open house. I love that idea!

The eyebrow picture is totally cracking me up!

{krista} said...

are you going to share your untrimmed nose hairs next?

Pam Emmons said...

Oh my gosh!! Pluck that thing!!!

Cecily R said...

The thing that always amazes me about those pesky hairs is that I could swear they grow in a span of minutes. How are they not there one mirror check and there the next??

I like the gaggle of soccer players shot. The slant of the legs is very cool.

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

I love that fire fighter shot! such a cool angle!

Unknown said...

You are so funny. You always make me smile. Have a great weekend Chris! : ) Be nice to your gaggle : )

Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander said...

Nice week in photos Chris! My favorites are 280 and 282. I love Astronomy and can't wait until we purchase the telescope with a camera attachment. We've been planning for years. Happy Friday!

CDB said...

Haven't been here in a while.. been in a tornado of kids!
Love the shots this week! We went to our fire station's Open House last week, too, it was great!

LOVE the eyebrow shot, and the B&W of the soccer players, but I esp love the B&W/creamy shot of the kids. That is awesome.. a layer/action on that one?

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

the soccer gaggle is very nice, I like the angle.

scrappysue said...

oh dear you have my husband's eyebrows, and plse don't give them back! dol u allow your deareest to pull them out like i do?

Emily said...

Fabulous pictures as always. Well, except of course, the one where you didn't take anything. And the eyebrow shot. Could have done without that. ;) Hope you took care of business though.
Melody got to visit with firefighters last week too...she's STILL talking about them.