Friday, December 31, 2010

Photostory Friday: 365 Weeks 51 & 52 (plus a day)

And so it ends...

Day 348

December 17: Just over a week to go -- and this is the only snow to be seen for miles

Day 348

December 18: I just couldn't make myself delete this image.

Day 349

December 19: Whoops. Again.

Day 350

December 20: Not many Silent Nights around here at this point...

Day 351
(Is it just me, or is the day count seeming a little off?)

December 21: This is the festive cord which attaches the fuzzy white ball to the soft, plushy redness of my Santa Hat.

Hint: If you EVER decide to take a picture every day for a year or two, when you get to the cold, dark winter months, take your picture early in the day, or you will end up just like me -- taking pictures of everything in your living room....

Day 352

December 22: Ok, here's how I look at it -- Two years of daily picture taking, and I've missed roughly a week's worth of pictures.

I'm giving myself a pass.

Day 353
(Yeah, something's wrong here...)

December 23: Very. Angry. Birds.

Day 354

December 24: One last family photo shoot before the big day.

Love those big eyes.

Day 355

December 25: He's eleven but still gets overwhelmed by the big day.

Matt literally stopped talking to me in mid sentence.

Day 356

December 26: Assemble the minions!

Day 357

December 27: If you don't have a carbon monoxide detector, get one. If you have one, change the batteries.

I changed mine Christmas night. Monday afternoon, the alarm went off. Fire trucks came. The gas company came. Emma slammed her finger in the fire engine's door, and got a sweet stuffed bear. And, eventually, we got the ok to come back home.

Day 358

December 28: This is all I see when I look in the living room now.

It's time for it all to come down.

Day 359

December 29: products?

Day 360

December 30: I love Christmas, but after about December 27, this is the best sight of all.

Day 361
(Whoops. I know today is December 31, I'm not sure where I lost four days, but I'm not going back to find them)

December 31: Two years. I only meant to do one.

This picture is symbolic. You'll notice I'm not behind the camera, and the lens cap is on.

I'm not giving up on photography, I'm just taking a couple of days off.

I'm honestly glad I did this (now that it's over). I'm grateful to so many of you who have followed me on this journey -- though I've been almost completely absent from my blog, except for this weekly journal entry. I'm really looking forward to the new year -- I'm looking forward to coming back here to share more moments and images from my life. I look forward to writing again.

In a day or so, I'll go over the pictures from the last year and marvel at what a life I am truly blessed with.



debi9kids said...

awesome! I missed a few days (ahem, a month while my life fell apart...)
LOVEED doing this. Will you be doing it for 2011???

koreen (aka: winn) said...

congratulations. you did it. :)

if I learned anything from your experience, it's that it's such an undertaking to commit to taking pictures everyday. I'm a commitment phobe.

happy new year!!!

kayerj said...

thanks for inviting me to participate and sticking it out to the end. It was fun--BUT I'm glad it's done :)

Love your out of focus family shot. My favorite this week.

Enjoy your break.

Michelle said...

Congratulations Chris on making it through another year of the 365 project.

Happy New Year!

Kelly Deneen Raymond said...

Way to go, Chris!

I am very proud of you for doing this for TWO years.

I am so curious if you have any new project in mind for this year.

I need to make a couple of returns on Amazon, and then I'm ordering a new telephoto zoom lens for my camera. :)

Honey Mommy said...

Your angry birds photo cracks me up. Mostly because my husband played that game through our entire Christmas vacation. I still giggle when I think about the birds laughing when they win.

Sorry I didn't make it to the end with you. I think this pregnancy just did me in!

Sheri said...

Amazing Chris - thanks for sticking with it. I've been looking every week. I can't wait to read more of your writing now :)


Emily said...

Congratulations on making it to the end. :)

Angry bird? You got sucked in too? What is with that game!?

Emmy said...

Wait so was there a gas leak in your house?? So scary! Glad everything was okay.

Very very impressive that you did this for two years.. I failed on one.

It has been wonderful seeing all of your pictures. And yes, glad you aren't really giving up on taking pictures, you are a great photographer.

Emmy said...

Okay just leaving a comment here as I think I deleted the last email from you, I have ideas for what to do in regards to photography blogs this year, check out my 365 (or previous 365 blog) and feel free to join in on any of the ideas

Straight to Your Hart said...

Happy New Year! Missing a few days of pictures..cough cough..I missed 365 days;p How are you and your family? Christmas time was a bit barren of snow...but sure is making up for it now. The sight of Christmas being put away is refreshing for sure as well as seeing my children fall asleep mid sentance:)

Hope all is well with you..gotta run...need to get my minions to work;p