Sunday, January 22, 2012

366: Week 3


January 15: This is my nephew Ethan, he's the next advancement in human else do you explain that enormous cranium, except that it contains an enormous brain?


January 16: In the Salt Lake Valley, during the winter, we often have what is called a temperature inversion, which is when a strong high pressure moves in, and holds the cold air down in the valley, making it actually warmer at the ski slopes than it is on the valley floor.

It also holds the smog in the valley, making for air so thick you can chew it ... and pictures like this.


January 17: Throw me the idol, I throw you the whip!

Turns out I already have both...

And the hat...

And the jacket...

And the shirt...

And the Head Piece to the Staff of Ra...


January 18: Self Portrait

What can you tell me about myself, from this photo?


January 19: My Emma June. This is a typical Emma smile -- sly and subtle, like she knows something that you don't.

Because she does.


January 20: Jordan got her first cell phone on Christmas. She dropped it in a puddle less than a month later. It's not really her fault, you see my family is cursed. It's not like we have had a lot of puddles around, it's just that there is a universal decree that if there is a small puddle, about the size and depth of a cell phone, a Thornblad MUST drop their phone into that puddle.

If you've ever wondered if burying a wet cell phone in a bowl of rice to suck out the moisture works, I'm here to tell you that two days later, it's as good as new.


January 21: Snow finally fell on Salt Lake today. It was really wet and sloppy -- like living in a great big, white Slurpee.


{krista} said...

I'd also say you are left eye dominant?

Nobody at this house has ever dropped a cell phone into water of any kind. (Our phones instead die from the 8,000 or so texts that get sent a month.) And because I said that, it will happen tomorrow. I just know it. So now I shall knock on wood and have a bowl of rice ready just in case.

Tera said...

Great photos as usual. Beautiful picture of the sky. But I don't miss breathing the Salt Lake City air in the winter.

Also love the snow photo. Glad you've seen at least some snow this year.

I wish I had known about the rice/cell phone trick a few years earlier. That could have saved some $$. :)

Sheri said...

My daughter checked out this week's worth of photos with me and commented, "Oooh, this guy takes good pictures!" I said, "yep, he does."

Corey~living and loving said...

great week! AT first I was gonna say that you are a lefty....then I realized I'm an idiot. LOL From that pic...I'd say you like to hide behind the camera wayyyyyyy too much. :)

Kelly Deneen Raymond said...

I enjoy seeing the week's worth of photos together. The one of your daughter and the last one from the sloppy winter day are my favorites. Beautiful. :)

I also had to add to your self-portrait guesses that you like to accessorize! You wear a necklace. ;)

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

I just love your pictures and I'm so impressed you are doing the 365 again! Whoops...366 this year.

I've heard rice is magic for phones..but, do you eat the rice after or dump it?