Tuesday, February 21, 2012

366: Week 7


February 12: Disneyland Fever is raging in our house -- the early signs include massive swelling in the hands....


February 13: This is the Daddy toothpaste and the Mommy toothpaste. The baby toothpaste is much smaller.


February 14: Wuv....TWUE wuv....I get a craving for these hearts for about twenty-four hours each year. The rest of the time, they taste like chalk.


February 15: That about sums up the day. I identify with Calvin -- probably more than I should...


February 16: It's a giant lightsaber! Not really, it's just the Olympic Cauldron. These last two weeks have marked the ten year anniversary since the Salt Lake Winter Olympic Games? Remember the Pairs Skating Judging Scandal (Canadians and Russians), and Sarah Hughes winning gold, and the American Snowboard Team sweeping the medals, and the Derek Para winning gold, and Apolo Anton Ohno making his first appearance, and the Roots berets, and the flag from Ground Zero being carried in during the Opening Ceremonies, and the Miracle Hockey Team from 1980 lighting this cauldron? 

Well, we remember.


February 17: It's convenient to have a picturesque lake nearby, to stop and grab a quick sunset, on the way home. 


February 18: How can you NOT love washing your car, when you wash it with rainbows?

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{krista} said...

Ah... that lake is stunning.