Tuesday, September 2, 2008

14 years

Fourteen years ago, September 2, 1994, a young woman of beauty and grace, took a big chance and married a shy, self conscious boy, not much older than she. He had big ideas about how it would all work out. It turns out he was wrong. The house came later than expected. The riches and the easy life are not on the horizon. They may never be. Yet there was joy in their home. Not always -- sometimes life has been unkind -- but those difficult times are as precious and memorable as the good times. There has been more laughter than tears. 

I don't know what I've brought to you  in the last fourteen years, Sharon, but you have given me hope and confidence. You have loved me unconditionally, when that must have seemed like hardest thing on Earth. You have made me a father, three little miracles. You support me, you encourage me, you believe in me -- and there must be times when that seems like a hopeless task. But, I can never express what your love means to me. 

Thank You for the life you have given to me. 
I love you.

p.s. I'm still going to write you a song someday


Kj said...

What a beautiful post. So incredibly heartfelt.

I wanted to thank you for your kind and supportive comments from my photo friday hosted by Cecily.

It was really quite poignant. "school opens up the world for them." I've clung to that concept all week long. Hopefully it'll keep me grounded when I drop her off for her first day tomorrow.


ps Congratultions on 14yrs. I'll be celebrating 10yrs at the end of the month.

Aaron said...


We love you guys, happy anniversary.

Sharon said...

Can't wait for my song. I love you.

Mom24 said...

I don't suppose you'd want to give my hubby expressing lessons, would you?

what a beautiful post.

KATE said...

Holy Cow Chris, that was incredible! I don't even know you two & I'm tearing up! Yikes! Beautifully said, you two obviously compliment each other well!