Saturday, October 25, 2008

100 things you're going to wish I'd kept to myself...

So, I did it. I survived to the century mark. And, being the creative and original soul that I am, I've decided to share, with you all, 100 of the most interesting things about myself that I can think of. 
Because I know you're dying to know.
If we both survive this, I'll see you at the bottom...

1. I lack self confidence.
2. I'm a pessimistic optimist.

3. I really identify with Charlie Brown. And Kermit the Frog. And the Scarecrow, from the Wizard of Oz.
4. I've been 36 since my last birthday.
5. My thirties are going much faster than my twenties -- which went pretty fast.
6. I have been married for 14 years.
7. My wife is the love of my life.
8. We met on a pile of laundry.
9. I married up.
10.  I once fell asleep while my wife (then girlfriend) was kissing me. 
11. I will never live that down.
12. Ever.
13. My wife is NOT a boring kisser. 
14. As a newborn, I had a cyst in my chest that kept filling with fluid, and collapsing my lungs -- the doctors couldn't do anything.
15. I nearly died. 
16. I was blessed by my Grandfather, and the cyst vanished.
17. The doctors could not explain it medically. 
18. I honestly believe that my life was saved by a miracle.
19. I feel that, for much of my life, I have not lived up to that miracle.
20. I have known my best friend, Aaron, for about 33 years.
21. I have a three inch scar on my right arm, inflicted by Aaron, in the third grade.
22. Okay, it wasn't ALL his fault. 
23. I love to read.
24. I am LDS.
25. I served a two year mission to Indianapolis.
26. I lived in the inner city of Indianapolis for about a year.
27. We (missionaries) were often mistaken for the police, and people would try to run us over. I don't really understand that.
28. I taught myself to play the piano by ear. I've played for about twelve years.
29. I've been trying to play the guitar for about twenty years. 
30. It doesn't come as easily, but we're getting there.
31. I really want to play the fiddle.
32. And the banjo.
33. I once worked for Taco Bell.
34. It was torn down.
35. I once bagged groceries.
36. They went out of business.
37. I once won first place in a photo contest for a magazine.
38. The magazine went under, the next month.

39. I leave a path of destruction in my wake.
40. When I just wrote #38, I was going to say that the magazine folded - but that seemed cheesy.
41. When I was young I wanted to be a fireman.
42. And a policeman.
43. And an astronaut.
44. And an archaeologist.
45. I am none of those things.
46. Now that I'm "grown up," I want to be a writer.
47. And a photographer.
48. And play a little music on the side.
49. I do all of those things.
50. Nobody pays me to do them.
51. I love cherry pie filling. I like it in pies and on cheesecake, but honestly, I could just eat it right out of the can.

52. And, I do.
53. I have an eleven year old daughter named Jordan. 
54. I named her Jordan, two years before she was born.
55. I've been serious about photography for eleven years. It's not a coincidence.
56. I have a nine year old son named Matthew. The girls like him.
57. I have a five year old daughter named Emma June. 
58. I think she is the smartest five year old on the whole planet.
59. I have two brothers. 
60. My older brother was hit and killed by a car when he was seven. He was being chased by some older boys.
61. I sometimes think about those older boys, and wonder how terrible it must be for them to have lived with that knowledge for the last 33 years. I feel bad for them.
62. I LOVE college football.

63. My younger brother and I root for rival college football teams. BYU is my team, he cheers for the University of Utah.
64. Because he has a sick, sick brain. I pity him. 
65. BYU was annihilated by TCU last week.
66. I don't dare call my brother yet.
67. I love life.
68. I love beauty, wherever it is.
69. God has given me a few talents, with which to capture that beauty.
70. I would rather make people happy, than make money.
71. And, I'm not just saying that.
72. Not that I have anything against money.
73. People tell me everything, they always have.
74. I hope that means I'm a good listener.
75. I think about this blog A LOT.
76. Writing 31 posts in 31 days has been a fun writing exercise. And I've only had writer's block for about twenty one of those days so far.
77. I think I have a couple of books in me. To write, I mean.
78. I once had a root canal without novocaine.

79. It's the most pain I have ever been in.
80. I realize that I have never given birth.
81. I am not a self starter. I need a push.
82. My toes are crooked.
83. I sleep with socks on.
84. And slippers.
85. I stopped drinking Coke, when they stopped putting it in glass bottles.
86. Now that they are putting it in glass bottles again, I can't stand the taste.
87. When I was twenty, I started parting my hair on the other side of my head.
88. I can be eccentric. 
89. I prefer "eclectic."
90. I had a mullet in High School.
91. I am fiercely, unalterably, politically independent.
92. I was once told that I was naturally average at everything. 
93. It was supposed to be a compliment. 
94. I love where I live.
95. I'm going to be Indiana Jones for Halloween.

95. I have the Hat and the Whip.
96. I think my bullwhip scares the neighbors.
97. If you turned my ipod on, right now, you would hear: The Monster Mash.
98. I LOVE Halloween!
99. I wasn't sure that there were 100 interesting things to write about myself.
100. I'm still not sure.

So there you have it. Thanks for coming along for the ride, for the last 100 posts. I have been very grateful for the people that I have met -- your lives and your words are an inspiration to me.

Oh, and to my loyal followers, I'm not sure why all of your profile pictures have gone blank. I didn't do it, I swear!
Never mind. They're back.


Susan said...

Great list! They are hard to do.
I can't believe you fell asleep while kissing your wife and admitted it on your blog. Now you really won't ever live it down.
A root canal with no novacaine...ouch!!!
Have fun being Indiana Jones! Maybe if you take a picture of yourself all dressed up for Halloween and give it to your mom, she will be able to better visualize you as that kind of man.

tommie said...

The mullet made me laugh! Most of the guys I went to HS with had them...I posted a prom pic of me before, yep date had a mullet!

Great list...happy weekend~

Holly said...

You are fascinating! I love cherry pie filling too -- especially the filling part, but the cherries themselves are OK. If you get the chance to put the cherry filling on a piece of plain yellow cake, it's delicious.

Congrats on getting to 100!

A pessimistic optimist, heh....

Pam Emmons said...

Wow, I guess you are kind of interesting! Didn't know it! Oh, and I love my new computer! I sent you a text message, but you didn't respond... thanks!

I think Susan is right. Take a pic of Indie just for your mom. You should frame it.

Rachael Schirano \\ Rachael Schirano Photography said...

wow, what a great list!

Lorina said...

That's quite a life and a list. Nice job making it to 100..

Liz {Learning To Juggle} said...

Thanks for the visit to my little place on the blogosphere. This is an impressive list. I think #9 is my favorite :) only because at times I think I can relate!!

Casey's trio said...

That was a great kept me entertained!

KatieZ said...

I LOVE INDIANA JONES! I was very disappointed with the fourth one though. But oh well it's still Indie right? Love the post! we all follow you cuz you are an inspiration to all of us! Plus we like the pics!

Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander said...

Fantastic set of details. I've been to your blog about, oh, maybe a dozen times and each time I just want to sit and read over and over. Your photography inspires me and your words are calming and hilarious at the same time.

I like it here...Maybe I'll stick around and stalk. LOL!

Happy 100th POSTSSS!

BTW, we really need to get you set up on an email response system. LOL! Every time you leave a comment on Izzy 'N Emmy I want to reply, but it's that darn noreply addy!

Oh, and PS- You HAVE to post a pic of you in your Halloween costume. It's a must!

Shellie said...

Those were great, very interesting random tidbits of info. Just a question, do you get paid to do anything? Is it boring or interesting?

Anonymous said...

Loved reading the entire thing! Your 100 things didn't read as long as other 100 things have read so kudos to you for that.

magazine folded - *snicker* thanks for sparing us by using that one ;)