Sunday, October 26, 2008

What we saw at the Farmington Pond...

The weather has been so beautiful around here lately, that we've begun taking quiet little excursions, on Sunday afternoons, to the local scenic wonders. 
In the almost eight years that we have lived in Farmington, we have never visited the Farmington Pond. 

Until today.
 Here's what we saw today:

Oak their final death throes

A gorgeous blonde...

Lots of gulls (this shot taken by the gorgeous blonde)

Geese, in attack formation. They had just seen the old couple, with the bread crumbs. They were swift and deadly.

When I looked into the pond...this guy was looking back at me

This was the Alpha Goose -- all the other geese feared him. So did I.

A reflective goose. It's not really the goose that's reflective, it's the water. I was just saying that.

I'm not sure who this poor soul was, but I'm pretty sure the geese got him.

These two pictures remind me of a Neil Diamond album.

I was trying to get a shot of the foliage, and she walked through. Jerk.

And, for good measure:
Here's the tie I wore to church today.

Ciao, Ya'll.


Casey's trio said...

Love this photo series...beautiful scenery, except for the bigfoot who walked through your foliage!

Kat said...

What a gorgeous place! Wow! And it looks like that beautiful blond is quite the photographer. :)

How did you capture me on film? I thought I was being so evasive. And I know I haven't shaved my legs in a while, but I didn't think I looked that hairy. Sheesh!

KatieZ said...

Love the post and the pics. You always do such a great job! Are you for Hire?...For Pics I mean! Ha Ha!

Love the tie too, will have to show that to the Hubby. He hates wearing ties because he thinks they are all too fancy, this one proves him totally wrong! Very fun Tie!

Cecily R said...

We were just there last Monday...I'm pretty sure it was that same Alpha Goose that tried to eat Evie. I'm serious, it chased her for several feet and scared the CRAP out of me.

Your pics from your pond afternoon are WAY better than the ones I got. I'm going to pretend its because I went at the wrong time of day and not that you are that much better than me...:)

Shellie said...

Great shots, poor guy who got attacked by geese!

Anonymous said...

Stunning pictures - love your choice of tie. And you always need to have a healthy respect for geese.