Tuesday, October 7, 2008

You little zipper neck...

Okay, I promise, I won't do movies every night.
There are two groups of people in this world. Who you ask? Men and women? Republican and Democrat? No...People who get Young Frankenstein, and people who don't. Which are you?
This is, quite possibly, the funniest, most quotable movie of all time. 
What makes this movie so dang funny? Well, I'll tell you. Unlike ALL of Mel Brooks' other films (some of which, are very funny) Mel isn't in this one. I'm not sure that's the only reason, but it helps. And it gets funnier every time you watch it. Even though you have seen it a hundred times, and you know every moment, you still laugh. Every time. I can't even tell you what the best part of the movie is. I love the dancing scene. I still like to sing "Puttin' on the Ritz" just like the monster does. I LOVE the scene with the swinging bookcase. I love Marty Feldman's eyeballs. I love introducing people to this movie. My wife is a convert.

So, for you uninitiated, I say -- See this movie. Now. It is imperative to your mental health.
For the rest of you, here are some lines to keep it all fresh (feel free to add any I've forgotten):

Put ze candle beck.
Now listen to me very carefully, do not put the candle back.
This one's for socks and poo poo undies
There wolf. There Castle.
Suit yourself, I'm easy.
Elevate me.
Would you like to have a roll in ze hay?
Taffeta darling. 
Taffeta Sweetheart.

Abby someone. Abby Normal.
What hump?
Now it's pronounced Eye-Gor.
Do you also say Froderick?
Hearts and kidneys are tinker toys!
Give him an extra dollar.
Do you need a hand? No thanks, have one.

He would have an enormous schvanstooker.
That goes without saying.
An incredibly big mute.
You must have been the biggest one in your class.
Wait...wait...I was going to make espresso...
You little zipper neck, you.
Would you want me, like this, so soon before our wedding?
Fire is good. Fire is our friend.
I'll take the blonde, you take the one in the turban.
What knockers!
My grandfather used to work for your grandfather... of course, the rates have gone up.

So, there you go. Some of you are wondering why this is funny at all, and some of you have already thought of lines I've missed.


Val said...

hmmm, suprising a show I have never seen. Shocking I know.

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stefanie said...

Definitely funny!

imbeingheldhostage said...

LOVE this movie. I'm wondering if you're a Monty Python guy as well now...