Wednesday, February 25, 2009

365: Week 8 (and a poll...oooohhh! a poll!)

365: Week 8

By the end of this post you may be able to guess where I've spent most of my week...

Day 50

February 19: The day of the surgery. My wife's cancer surgery was performed at the University of Utah Hospital (much to the chagrin of my children -- apparently I've been a little too anti-U of U in my comments during football season, and it's rubbing off: Emma, who is 5, said if she saw one more red "U" she was going to gag -- what have I done? But I digress....), but the surgeon was from the Huntsman Cancer Institute, and that is where Sharon was moved for recovery. 

As you can tell from the shot of the front doors, this is no ordinary hospital. Jon Huntsman - father of our governor -- who built the place said that cancer patients are suffering enough, and he wanted them to be as comfortable as possible. The rooms are more like hotel suites (wood floors, private rooms, huge bathrooms, gorgeous views etc...) We feel so blessed to have this wonderful place in our own community. 

Day 51

February 20: Morphine. With all the tubes connected to her today, it was the one with morphine that Sharon loved the most. 

Day 52

February 21: The State Capitol. Our State Capitol building is the scene of a ridiculous circus right now (otherwise known as the 2009 Legislative Session -- or the Chris Buttars Freak Show -- but that's another post), but on a Saturday afternoon, on the way back from the hospital, it was practically empty. The building has recently been renovated (for more than a  year it looked like a giant roll of toilet paper), and this was the first time I had been inside, in several years. The light was absolutely beautiful. I would love to shoot bridals in here -- anyone getting married?

Day 53

February 22: Bella. Bella is my mother-in-law's little dog. She was abused and abandoned at about three months old. She was "rescued" by my mother-in-law, at a shelter that my sister-in-law runs in Georgia. Bella never barks, but is full of mischief, and has more energy than her little body can contain, and found instant love as the newest member of our family. 

Day 54

February 23: Most hospitals have some sort of ambulance helicopter service, and this is an Air-med chopper, from the University of Utah Hospital. I have never flown in one of these helicopters. I don't know anyone who has. But this week we benefitted from their services. 

Over the last week and a half, my wife has had one I-V after another. As each has failed, they have had to find a new spot. Sharon has very difficult veins, and consequently the process of putting in a new I-V is painful and long and has left her arms covered in bruises. 

When they ran out of arm space, the determination was made to put the next I-V in her shoulder. It turns out that the Air-med guys are the best at putting in I-V's, particularly the difficult ones. They gain this expertise from the necessity of often having to work quickly and in extremely difficult conditions. Today they called in Air-med to put the I-V in Sharon's shoulder. She said it was quick and painless. 

Thank You Air-med. 

Day 55

February 24: The view. This is what we see each night from Sharon's hotel (I mean hospital) room.

Day 56

February 25: Still here. We hoped to bring Sharon home Tuesday. We hoped to bring her home today. We hope to bring her home tomorrow. It's a great view, but the view from our back porch isn't too bad either. 

Tomorrow is the day.

Bonus Feature!
Okay Kiddies, I need your help. I'm considering changing my profile picture, so I've decided to leave it to you -- my loyal and misguided readers (why else would you be here, if you weren't misguided). I'll leave the poll up for a week. 
1. Indiana Jones. I'm a HUGE Indiana Jones fan (I may have mentioned that). This was me last Halloween. A dream come true. 

I know, I know...

2. Me and my shadow (and my wall). I was sick when I took this, that's my only explanation. You can't actually vote for this one on the poll, because I forgot to put it on there. Sorry.

3. Emma and I, on the Farmington Trail. The picture is blurry but I love it. Emma is the only one of my kids that still holds my hand when we walk. This is the only picture I keep on my desk at work. 

4. The Guitar. I like to look at this picture, and pretend I'm a good guitar player. 

5. Wafers. I love these wafers. I would marry them, but we frown on non-traditional marriage here in Utah.  

6. The current photo. This is Jordan and me (taken by my son -- with a little direction from his father...). You can probably guess why I like this shot. 

Be sure to vote early and often. 

Just pretend like you're in Illinois. 


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to know she made it through surgery safely. When I had surgery in 07 they went in with the IV in my groan (yuck). When I had my daughter in 95 it went into my neck. (DOUBLE Yuck).

I am still praying and Believing.

Susan said...

So glad to hear that Sharon will be able to go home tomorrow...yay for the view from the back porch!

Another great week of pics. I love that sunset picture!

I like the picture of you and Emma for your profile. You love Indiana Jones and that is a cool picture, but you love your family so much more and I think that picture communicates volumes about you.

Mom24 said...

I hope Sharon recovers quickly...and comfortably. Let's hear it for the Air-meds.

I love the photo of you and Emma walking. That would be my vote. Indiana Jones was a close second though.

Pam Emmons said...

I say the Indiana Jones shot. I don't know why, just cause.
It seems like I might be out-voted, though.

tammi said...

I love your wry, sarcastic sense of humour ~ it speaks to me. MY kinda humour!!! And I'm glad your spirits are still high and that your wife continues to do well. I know you all want her home as soon as possible.

The pictures are incredible ~ as I've come to expect ~ and my vote is for Indiana Jones!

Kellan said...

Oh, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your beautiful wife!! YAY for those Air-med guys and for Morphine, of course! I hope she is recovering well and all is going to be okay!!

Lovely photos, as usual. I'm leaning towards the Indiana Jones photo - you're looking very movie starish - very cool!

Have a good week, Chris and I will keep you guys in my prayers!


Christine Evans said...

Great blog Chris! It must be good since my friend Melanie follows it and she's a hard core blog-a-holic! :) Tell Sharon "hi" for me and let me know if you guys need ANYTHING!

Alex @ I'm the Mom said...

Wow. Im having trouble finding words tonight after reading your blog entry today. I'll try though.

Day 50 - It's a beautiful hospital. Very smart man Jon Huntsman is/was. Make patients comfortbale! Very smart.

Day 51 - Understandable. Duckman loved it when he was on morphine at the hospital after his surgery.

Day 52 - Lovely! I wish our wedding photographs were done somewhere as gorgeous as that. Too bad you live so far away. I would definitely hire you to shoot at our Vow Renewal wedding. (Long story - I could email it to you if you want).

Day 53 - Bella is beautiful!! I love little dogs lol.

Day 54 - Wow. I'm glad when the Air-med guys were able to insert the IV much better and less painfully as the nurses ... but that's kind of sad that they can do it better.

Day 55 - What a lovely view! Both times I've been in a hospital overnight, I had a view of the parking garage. Nice eh? lol.

Day 56 - Lots of prayers. I am hoping she can come home tomorrow as well. She must be homesick. You and the kids must miss her terribly at home.

Poll - I like the one of you playing your guitar. I would normally say the picture with one of your children in it, but ... then it would almost like leaving the other two out. You know? I sawy guitar or the wafers lol.

Kat said...

What awesome pictures. Thank you for the update status on your wife. Continued prayers for her and you and your family.

Michelle said...

Great picture of your wife and daughter!

As for the icon picture. I'd vote for the wafers, but they would make me hungry so I am going to cast my vote for Indiana Jones shot. Love it!

Lindsay said...

Loved every day of this post. Glad your wife is doing well - what a blessing!

I like the pic of you waving at the wall. It's me, anyway. :-)

Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander said...

Sharon is such a strong women and I am so thankful to hear she is doing so well and on her way home!! YAY!!! You shared a lovely week in photos, as always.

I love all of the choices, but my favorite is INDY!

My word is mulftac!??!!?!?

Terri said...

We're supposed to choose ONE from all those wonderful photos???

I suppose it depends on the mood you're in -- all Indiana Jonesing for some action or soft sweet Dad walking with Emma. Those are my two favs.

Great update on Sharon - I hope she can come home soon. Though the hospital looks plush! I had a really cozy room in the hospital that my friends decorated for me with lights and chachkas - it was very peaceful and I'm sure made a difference in my healing process.

And great photos, as usual. They sure tell a story.

imbeingheldhostage said...

Prayers still going up for Sharon and her crew :-) Tell her I feel for her, they usually have to go in through my feet with the IVs-- no one ever went for my shoulder, but I did have one consider my neck(!). I'm glad the Airmeds were good to her.
As for the profile choice-- holy cow Chris, do I not have enough on my plate now and you are asking me to decide between good and good????

I like the wafers... gives people that curiosity to see who is behind the cookie. I love the guitar shot, but folks would come over expecting a blog all about music... you and the girls are great...oh heck, I just picked one. I closed my eyes and picked one. Good luck.

Kelly Deneen Raymond said...

Wow, you have had a crazy week! I hope your wife has a swift recovery and comes home with you very, very soon. (I did giggle at your daughter's comments about the U. hehe.). Take care!

Jill @ Sneaky Momma said...

Your wife sure will enjoy that view from her own back porch. What a neat story about the Air Med guys! Your Feb 25 photo is precious.
I'm voting for the pic of you and your little girl holding hands and if I get to vote twice, the Indiana Jones picture. You've gotta use that one somewhere. Way too cool!
Sorry for the deleted comment...

Corey~living and loving said...

First off, So glad that Sharon might be coming home soon. I've been thinking of you all. the last two photos made me all choked up. Mostly the last one. It is so emotional.

I voted of the Indi shot....and there didn't seem like there was a place to vote for the shadow one??? or I might need more sleep.

Melissa said...

I bet Sharon is having some fun dreams while on that morphine!! :)
I voted for is a precious picture!! And oh, that picture of Sharon and your daughter is beautiful...what a touching moment!!

CC said...

Is she home now, is she home?????

Yeah to the people that could finally get the IVs in!!

And profile pic? GOTTA do Indiana!