Wednesday, March 11, 2009

365 Week: 10

Week 10

Day 64

March 5: Amber waves of........weeds. 

Or, crap I see out my window, on the way home from work. I'm working on a series. 

Day 65

March 6: This is NOT lasagna. 

Let me state here, for the record, that I LOVE lasagna. And I am SO grateful for all of the help we've had for the last month and a half, from so many wonderful people. A lot of that help has come in the form of meals. A lot of those meals came in the form of lasagna. 

I had lasagna everyday for lunch last week. My son ate an entire pan of lasagna himself -- because he enjoys his weirdness (I have no idea where he gets it). 

Friday was the last meal before they turned us back over to ourselves. It was...wait for it...lasagna!

So on the way home, I stopped by Dairy Queen and got the polar opposite of lasagna. 

(If you're reading this, and you brought us lasagna  -- I LOVE YOU!)

Day 66

March 7: Any guesses?

Day 67

March 8: I was in an action/adventure mood all weekend. The problem is I have a terrible time making up my mind. And my wife refused to think for me. So, after much inner debate and soul searching, I watched Dodgeball. 

I realize it's not in my stack of movies here. 

And it's not really action/adventure.

But, I just love the line: "Nobody makes me bleed my own blood! Nobody!"

Day 68

March 9: The view from the back porch Monday night. Apparently we sprang forward, right back into Winter. But now it stays lighter longer!

Day 69

March 10: I came north for THIS!? 

Or, why did the robin cross the road? To get away from the crazy guy with the camera who got all wet, laying on the grass to get this shot.

Day 70

March 11: Once again I have called on the immense (if chaotic) brain power of the mighty Cecily, to get me out of my photography funk. Once again she rose to the challenge! 

"Take a picture of the beginning of something," she said.

This is the beginning of the Legacy Highway. If you don't live in southern Davis County, in Utah, you will not understand the significance of this sign. But, for me, when this eleven mile stretch of road opened in September, it meant a twenty-five minute commute instead of an hour and ten minutes. 

It was that significant. 

That's 11,700 more minutes each year that I can spend at home, rather than driving home. 


Pam Emmons said...

All I know is that there is somebody standing in that weird picture... Jordan, maybe?

Mom24 said...

I think I'd be more than tired of lasagna. For that reason, when I take someone a meal, italian is off the list. Way too overused.

Sun shining through the blinds. Too obvious? Not what you were looking for?

What a view from the back porch! Gorgeous.

Too funny about the robin. I've had those same thoughts when I've seen them around here. I haven't gotten down in the wet grass to capture their image though. Great picture.

Here's to shorter commutes. That's progress!

Take care.

Have a good week.

Corey~living and loving said...

great set of photos. I love the mini blinds.....and the last one. the sky is has such a great eery feel to it.

Anonymous said...

See I see an air conditioner/heating unit in the weird picture. I don't know.

I love the last three and for what it's worth the ice cream cake looks WAY better than lasagna. ;) YUM YUM!

Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander said...

Great series, the bird is a nice capture and I really like the mountains too. How neat to see that out your back door.

I'm not sure what the weird photo is. at first it looked like the top of a humidifier or air conditioned, but I'm not going to guess those out loud! lol!

Lasagna is a touchy food for me. I really don't like red sauce but I do like some Lasagna's. I''m so glad those people were there for you guys but that cake looks like fabulous way to celebrate! How is the wifey by the way?

Happy Wednesday!

Word- Ligundin, A small person from London.

Susan said...

I would have laid in the wet grass to get a picture of a robin too. And then I would have made copies and plastered them all over my house for inspiration.
My guess on the picture is the sunrise or sunset peeking through the slats on wood blinds.
And by the way, I never make lasagna or pasta for that matter when I take meals to people. I have received them often enough to know a change of pace is often needed as grateful as every one is for the meals.

Shannon Strong said...

Thank you for your very kind comment. Sometimes I could just eat Brayden up he is so great :-) I love the pictures in your posts-they are gorgeous and unique. My fav has to be the cake though-when I was pregnant with Bray I craved cake....and pickles-but CAKE-Oooohhhh I had to have it. This picture would have been the death of me if I were still pregnant-now I think its just going to motivate me to gain a few more pounds-so thanks :-) Have a great week!!!-Shannon

Lindsay said...

Day 64: Ha! Reminded me of a day just a short year know, rather than amber waves of....wait, there's something actuallly living (besides humans) up here??

Day 65: Ode to lasagna. Heeeelarious. ROTFL. Fur real.

Day 66: A barn door?

Day 67: Your wife wouldn't make up your mind....why can't you guys ask us to make up your minds when it comes to picking out furniture or something fun?! :-)

Day 68-70: Amen! LOL. And very cool.

Terri said...

March 7th: neck of your guitar?

Nice weekly synopsis!

Terri said...

Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's your guitar. What do I win?? Lasagna, perhaps?

Cecily R said...

WHAT is Day 66? It's going to bug me!! Is there a pink elephant in it? I am SO sleepy!!

I like your 'Beginning' shot. And I really like why you took it. RAD.

tammi said...

You are such an entertaining writer!! I LOVE these weekly posts and the accompanying narrative! Especially the "Dodgeball" and robin bits.

I'm so glad you're being well looked-after by friends and family ~ and hopefully it won't be too long before you can appreciate a good lasagne again!!

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

Dairy Queen sounds good about 8:15 AM, I can now ONLY think about Dairy Queen. Thanks man...

Kat said...

And now I want cake. Thanks a lot. ;)

I think that pic is of sun coming through blinds. ???

Cajoh said...

The picture of the robin reminds me of a golf park that my wife and I went to this past fall where all the robins flew about. It was amazing in that they all flew like clouds of bugs, but when we found out they were robins we were impressed to know they grouped together like that. This year I'm bringing the video camera.

Michelle said...

My guess for March 7th is a shot of the neck of your guitar??

Should we start referring to you as Garfield??