Wednesday, March 18, 2009

365 Week: 11

365 Week: 11

Odds and Ends

Day 71

March 12: Black and Whites in black and white. My piano is a battle scarred veteran of five moves, and she holds up a lot better in monochrome. 

Day 72

March 13: This is my nephew Jackson. He came for a visit Friday night. Jackson is almost two, and his life has been an uphill struggle, (he doesn't have his hearing aids in, in this picture) and will be continue to be so, but he has an incredibly sweet spirit. My kids think he looks like Harry Potter with his new glasses on. 

Day 73

March 14: The Texas Toast was nice and Texasy, and the steak was medium well. But, I ordered Chili's takeout for one thing -- The Loaded Mashed Potatoes! Cheese, chives, bacon, dirt from the ground -- I'm not sure what all is loaded in these potatoes.

And I don't care.

They're delicious!

Day 74

March 15: Jackson's toes -- we got to see him again today. That's more than I've seen him in the last six months. Jackson is fascinated by his extremities and puts on quite a show with his hands and his little feet. 

Day 75

March 16: Someday she's going to hate me for taking these pictures, but for now Emma is a willing accomplice. That's macaroni and cheese. If you look real close you can see the chocolate around her mouth, which of course indicates that I let her have desert before dinner. 

That's why she likes me so much. 

Day 76

March 17: Kiss Me, my great-great-great grandmother was Irish! I LOVE St. Patrick's Day. All you have to do is wear green -- and if you enjoy getting pinched, you don't have to wear anything at all. 

Of course they may get you pinched in a whole different way. 

Day 77

March 18: My son is odd. 

Go ahead say it...

He is left handed. Sort of.

Matt writes with his left hand, but throws a frisbee with his right hand. He throws a football with his left hand, but shoots a basketball with his right. 

That's weird, right?

Oh, and we endorse Spaulding basketballs at our house. 


Michelle said...

I really do love your pictures. Your nephew Jackson is too cute and I agree, he does look like Harry Potter in those glasses.

Alex @ I'm the Mom said...

Beautiful pictures as always Chris!

Day 71 - I wish I knew how to play the piano. You have a lovely one.

Day 72 - Jackson is so precious! And yes, he reminds me of Harry Potter lol.

Day 73 - Everything but the mashed potatoes looks wonderful!!

Day 74 - teehee I love the toes and feet of little kids.

Day 75 - omg that is so gross but absolutely hillarious!!! And you are a wonderful father :D

Day 76 - I'm Irish as well!! My grandfather's (on my father's side) entire family is Irish.

Day 77 - Yes, he's odd ... but that may work out to his advantage.

Pam Emmons said...

That shot of Matt is awesome. Why can't I take pictures like that?
And man, Jack is getting big! I can't wait to see him next week!

Oh, and ya, can't wait to see you either! Neither can Annie... she has a new phrase for you!

Susan said...

Jackson is so cute and does resemble Harry Potter with the glasses.
That take out looks fantastic!
Emma is one lucky girl to have such a fun daddy that let's her have dessert first.

Kacey said...

Oh that Jackson is just PRECIOUS! I just want to snuggle him! Tose sweet glasses, those chunky cheeks, those toes. Oh my goodness what a lucky Uncle you are!

And the mac n cheese - hilarious. I finally got one of my dumplins to eat it today so I'm pleased with myself. Of course this gives me the excuse to eat it now...we shouldn't waste!

Terri said...

Hey, I love Wednesday nights too, coming to your place to see what you've been up to this week. Sort of like having a coffee date on Wednesdays, eh? You come for the sepia, I come for the smiles (and sometimes, tears).

Happy St Pat's Day.

I love baby feet and hands too - I posted baby hands on my blog this week. Jackson is a doll.

kayerj said...

Loved all your pictures

I have a used piano that my husband learned to play on. It has produced one pedagogy major and another that could if she wanted to, but she prefers things of a scientific nature.

baby shots are always loveable.

love twice baked potatoes--mac and cheese the 2nd time around, not so much =(

Love the Irish kisses, we are of Irish origin 4 generations back. My grandfather lived with his Irish speaking grandparents and had a lovely lilt to his voice. Last year we went to New Orleans for St. Patricks day and watched a parade where kisses (and more) were lavished freely ;)

And how did you get the shot from above the basket? That was clever.

Kellan said...

Those are great photos, Chris. I love the baby Jackson and the yucky mouth and, of course, the Texas toast - yum! They are all fabulous photos.

Take care Chris - see you soon - Kellan

Melissa said..., yummy with the loaded mashed potatoes, BUT yucky with the half-chewed mac-n-cheese mixed with chocolate!!! :)

And my 2nd son is like your son-- he writes with his left hand, but throws a ball or bowls with his right... go figure!!!

Kat said...

Okay. That pic of Emma made me gag. Yipes. ;)

And your son sounds to be ambidextrous. A very rare thing and also a sign of intelligence. Or, he could just be weird. ;) hehe

Mom24 said...

Your pictures are terrific as always. Your little nephew is too cute. I hope life will be kind to him.

Corey~living and loving said...

you got some great shots again this week. I think my fav is the last though. I love the swoosh feel of it. :) fun!

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

Your sweet nephew Jackson and my brother Ned have much in common...including the sweet sweet spirit!

Michelle said...

Great shots for the week Chris! I especially love the basketball shot. That is an amazing capture.

Straight to Your Hart said...

I have 2 left feet...think we could go one on one?? giggle

Can I come to your house for dinner...if chocolate is served first, I am so there. Can I top that with even more? A Coke!

The pictures are so great...the seafood especially:)

Cupcake Dessert said...

i am left handed (like your son). I write with my left hand but I pitch and hit (when i played fast pitch softball) right handed. i bowl left handed but i cast a rod and reel with my right.

Jackson does look like harry potter.. adorable!! :)