Wednesday, April 22, 2009

365: Week 16

Day 106

April 16: Blue like the sky. Blue like sapphire. Blue like the deep end of the pool. 

My kids all have these blue eyes. While I never outwardly expressed the desire that my children would look like me (that's just cruel), I had secretly hoped for a little something. 

Alas, nothing.

My mom always told me that I had hazel eyes. In truth they're just kind of a muddy greenish-brown. 

Oh well, there's always grandkids...

Day 107

April 17: Wii (are going to be) Fit!

The new Wii Fit told me that I am at a healthy weight. It also told me that I'm unbalanced -- it literally asked me if I find myself falling down a lot.

Who knew getting healthy was so obnoxious?

Incidentally, those are not my toes, they belong to my wife. Mine are hairier, and crooked-er.

Day 108

April 18: How's this for a flippin' cool self portrait?

I only had to try this about fifty times. 

My kids were impressed that I could still do a backflip. They were even more impressed when I bounced all the way to the ground.

That just means that the trampoline mat is stretched out, and we need a new one right? RIGHT?

Day 109

April 19: Your guess is as good as mine here. I looked over and this was what I saw. 


Day 110

April 20: The answer my friend, is blowin' in the wind...

The question: Will I ever be able to breathe again?

Day 111

April 21: I thought the perspective of this shot would be cool. I considered the background. I considered the angle. 

What I didn't take into consideration was the strength of Emma's fingers (it turns out she can't just hang there indefinitely). This was about a second and a half before she landed on me. 

Day 112

April 22: They don't teach you this knot in the Boy Scouts. 

I call it the Super-wrapped-over-under-all-around-double-triple-infinite-never-loosened-it-will-rot-off-the-tree-before-it-comes-undone-hitch. 

The hammock will NOT be falling down this year. 


Pam Emmons said...

Emma was just finding her inner self... namaste.

And very cool self portrait. I can't believe your back can bend like that.

Kelly Deneen Raymond said...

hehe. That is the best. knot. ever. ha!

That perspective of Emma is awesome! And your self-portrait is fabulous too. Yet another great week of pics. :)

sunshinesls said...

Great pictures...of course! I'm just lovin' Emma!

Terri said...

Hello my Wednesday evening friend!

I love that Emma is different. My guess is she doesn't cave to peer pressure.

I wonder how your wife is doing? Besides showing off her lovely feet (I'm glad those aren't yours, btw).

CC said...

THIS is why it is sooooo awesome that you are doing this 365 day project. And why I'm glad I gave it up. I think 5 days of each week my picture would be of more special ed paperwork. Or me (not) working on my computer.

Back flip self portrait?


kayerj said...

that is a flippin cool self-portrait. And Emma-- I'm sure is finding peace through meditation. She'll always be a happy person =P

Corey~living and loving said...

oh my word....that one of you.....freaks me out! holy cow. YOu risked life and limb for that one.

love the one of your DD hanging too. great shot.

I haven't forgotten about you...I just need to take the time to respond. I suck like that sometime. sigh....

Sarah J. said...

CUTE cute kids. I just really love how you are doing 365 days. What great memories you will have from that! But WOW that would be tough! you are very creative. :)

Mom24 said...

Such great pictures. I love your self-portrait.

I have brown eyes and have 2 green eyed and 2 blue eyed children. Go figure.

I think I've seen that knot around here as well.

Enjoy (?) the Wii Fit.

Jaime said...

Emma is adorable. Feet are not supposed to be pretty. Kids.In.General.Are.Different. Hee hee. Love the pics and explanations. .... If I did a back flip like that I would have to call my chiropractor. Happy thoughts for your day ahead.... Jaime

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

I fear my Wii Fit, so I relate. I love what you're doing Chris!

Melissa said...

Great pics....AGAIN!! So, how do you all like the Wii Fit?? I've contemplated buying it for a while now.....

Lindsay said...

You need to consider a job in writing for Halmark. For real.

Aaron said...

Best week of photos yet.

And I have to tell you that my favorite part of reading your blog is that I can hear you saying all of this, followed by your self-appreciative "Heh" at the end of much of it! : ) Aaron and I discuss that a lot. Just 'cause we love you.

Aaron said...

(and that comment would make much more sense if I was signed in as myself and not as my husband!)