Wednesday, June 24, 2009

365: Week 25

Day 169

June 18: I'm not sure this is what Playskool had in mind.

Day 170

June 19: This is a sure sign of summer.

Emma in her bathing suit, with nappy dreadlocks from playing in the sprinklers all day, you ask?


All the good towels, spread all over the backyard.

Day 171

June 20: This is my favorite shot of the week. Matt got a new bicycle for his birthday (a day early, because I'm a softie), and he was taking his little sister for a ride around the cul-de-sac.

Matthew is a typical little brother. But he is an OUTSTANDING big brother.

Emma practically worships the ground he walks on. And this picture typifies their relationship -- not only does she go where he goes, he (usually, and happily) brings her along.

Day 172

June 21: There's a reason I have this shot of Emma, and not of the other two.

Emma jumps, with both feet, into the action. If you're going into battle, you want Emma.

Day 173

June 22: I know "Every rose has it's thorn," but really, our white rose bush takes it to the extreme. I pruned the roses Monday night, and on a one foot section that I clipped, I counted no less than 22 thorns.

Day 174

June 23: Self Portrait.

I am a HUGE Indiana Jones fan.

This is my ten foot long, twelve plait, kangaroo skin bullwhip.

It's just like Indy's.

It's made by the same manufacturer.

It cost an obscene amount of money (no, I'm not rich, but such is my mania).

It took me nearly 250 shots to get this picture.

And I only caught myself in the back of the ear once.

Day 175

June 24: We went to see the new Megan new Transformers movie tonight.

It was a LOT of fun (except for the crying babies -- babies! -- and the talking little -- little -- kids), but I would NOT recommend it for kids under 11 or 12 (the language is a little colorful).

Three stars!


Terri said...

Who was on the receiving end of that whip?? I would be so dangerous with one of those.

Love the photo of Emma and Matt on the bike -- really sweet.

Knowing who Dennis Day is doesn't make you old, just weird. ;o)

Pam Emmons said...

I am so excited for Transformers! And I love the self-portrait!

kayerj said...

Mr. Potato Head looks good, summer looks fun at your house, I had an old gentleman neigbor that told me if I'd break the thorns off the bush soon it would be thornless :) My grandson is also a huge indy fan, I made him an Indy jacket and a messenger bag and other grandma bought the hat. I went to purchase a bull whip and staggered at the $$$$$, so he has a little leather one that only cost ten bucks. He's happy.

Mom24 said...

These are your best pictures yet, I think. The Mr. Potato Head is hysterical.

Every girl should have a big brother like Matt. I hope they maintain their closeness.

The shot of Emma jumping in is amazing.

That whip, and the fact that you have it, makes me smile. I think it's great there was something like that you wanted and you went for it.

Lindsay said...

Love Love Love the story about your kids being best friends.

Corey~living and loving said...

love all the shots....all of them. I laughed about the whip one. I'd love to have been there to capture you trying to capture that shot. great stuff. I've sooooooooo been there with the shot in mind, and the work to get it.

also loved the....ummmmm crap...can't remember. Have to go back and look. I'll be back..... (mommy memory...bites)

Corey~living and loving said...

oh yes...the thorns. lovely indeed.