Wednesday, November 4, 2009

365: Week 44

Day 303

October 29: Someone has been playing a little too much Guitar Hero. It's beginning to infect other areas of his life...

Day 304

October 30: This is how I carved my pumpkin this year.

I know what it is.

Do you?

Day 305

October 31: It's the glasses that really complete the look. Apparently immortality doesn't have a vision plan.

Day 306

November 1: "Cookies"

Okay, they're actually coasters. Since the birth of my children -- who are the oldest -- all the grandchildren who come to play at my in-laws' home are immediately drawn to this little stack of coasters. They are, hands down, the best toy at Grandma's house. And every kid --independently -- has decided that they are cookies.

Day 307

November 2: Sugar House Moving and Storage in my rear view mirror: One of the best sights I've ever seen.

These are the people who laid me off this week -- after ten years of coming to work every day, not calling in sick, not asking for raises, and doing whatever was asked of me. If I said I wasn't a little bitter, I would be lying...they've taken my means of supporting my family away. But the truth is, I bear them no ill will, I'm not praying for their downfall.

The job I did was a soul sucking, mind numbing job, and I was glad to leave it behind. I don't know what the future holds just yet, but I do believe this may be better for all of us, in the long run.

Day 308

November 3: It's Pinewood Derby time kids! Naturally we get started two days before.

Day 309

November 4: 5:15 pm.

I'm not sure I'm quite ready for standard time yet. (Fortunately, the 70 degree weather helps to take the edge off.)


Cecily R said...

Great pictures this week Chris...good to know that your life being turned upside down doesn't mean you lose your creativity. :)

My pumpkin guess? The one thing Santa never delivered for me as a kid that I asked for. A disco ball.

Pam Emmons said...

Your pumpkin is the big Alien thingy from Monster's vs. Aliens! What do I win?

{krista} said...

Your pumpkin looks like a the planet thing from Star Wars.

Coasters were my kids favorite toy at grandma's house once upon a time, too. So wierd.

Sorry about the job thing, hopefully something grand comes your way soon!

Emily said...

Is your pumpkin some kind of death star? Jupiter, maybe?
Glad you are looking forward to the future...there's really no point in dwelling on the past and "what ifs".
My brothers were boy scouts and always had fun at the Pinewood Derby. Hope your son wins.

Pete said...

I take NO responsibility for my wife's response.

Soul sucking mindless job. Ah, I remember the joys of leaving UPS. Fortunately it was me that gave them the finger and moved on.

Corey~living and loving said...

great shots this week. :) I was going to guess disco ball too, but now I'm not so sure. LOL

Angela said...

Love the death star! Don't show my kids though...

Kristen said...

Brittan knew it was the Deathstar!

Does he get a prize? :)

(no, seriously?)

Maggie May said...

I can relate to the terrible uncertain future & swinging between pessimism & optimism....... because I am waiting for the results of a biopsy and both of those situations can really mess up the future for not only the person in waiting but the whole family!
Hope you won't have to wait ling for a job !

Nuts in May

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

Your pumpkin is the base star from Star Wars.

As far as I can tell. :-)

Seriously, what were you doing working there when your obvious talent is photography? Screw that place. The world of photography needs you. Period.

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

Oh death star...what other's said. Well, you know what I meant!