Wednesday, December 2, 2009

365: Week 48

The week I got serious about this photography thing...

Day 331

November 26: Thanksgiving. I TOOK pictures. I swear. I was taking pictures of my kids as they re-enacted the scene from all the Peanuts Specials, where Lucy pulls the football away from Charlie Brown at the last second, and he falls flat on his back.

I took those pictures. I DID! And now I can't find them. GRRRRRRR!!!!

So, instead, you get an extended preview of the Hart Family Photo shoot from last Wednesday, which I've been meaning to put up for a week now (I've been busy!)

Aren't they beautiful? Their faces convey their respective characters very well. It was one of my most enjoyable shoots to date. Thanks again Melanie, Curtis and company!

Day 332

November 27: One of my neighbors -- well two of my neighbors, technically. That was the smiliest baby I've seen in a long time. She has a talent for spitting up at just the right moment too -- the baby, I mean.

Day 333

November 28: My neighbors have an amazing yard -- and they've given me permission to use it whenever I need to. I just love this barn.

Day 334

November 29: The daughter of one of my oldest friends, at Memory Grove, in Salt Lake City. I'm dying to shoot some bridals here.

Day 335

November 30: Due to our current economic conditions, we shut off our satellite television this week. The kids weren't sure they were going to survive -- until they dusted off this old checker board. I certainly don't mind -- except that my son is exceptionally good at checkers, and it turns out I am not. At all.

He beat me in about a dozen moves tonight -- in CHECKERS! I still had 10 pieces on the board, and he maneuvered me into immobility.

Day 336

December 1: It's that time of year -- the soft glow of electric sex is once again gleaming in my window.

Day 337

December 2: Hart Family Photo Shoot, Part Deux.

This afternoon we wrapped up the family portion of the shoot. What a fun family -- they were a real treat to work with, and I think we got some good shots tonight.

More images coming soon -- stay tuned!


Terri said...

OK, you really need to reformat this blog so you can put bigger photos on it. Not everyone - hardly anyone - clicks to enlarge all those glorious photos. Stunning portraits, as usual.

Really? You have the electric sex lamp? I never would have guessed. Make sure your wife doesn't dust in the living room this month.

Mom24 said...

I hope you don't get tired of hearing this, your eye is amazing. I love the shots. Great job.

Pam Emmons said...

Look at you! Their awesome! I am so glad you are doing this!!!

Emily said...

Great photos....but, really, when are your photos not great? And now I finally get that electric sex comment...

Heidi said...

They turned out great! Looks like this photography thing is taking off! Yay!
I love the lamp! I just bought this totaly awesome (yes I know that sounded like I was 15) gift box that has A Christmas Story apron, recipes for all the food that is shown in the movie and cookie cutters that include this lamp! I'm so excited to pipe fish net tights!
Oh, and how did you get blogger to co-operate and let you stagger your pictures like that?
Very nice collection for this week.
PS- we just turned off our satalite too, it took my kids a week before they realized it was gone. They will live through it, promise.

Heidi said...

Sorry, I'm wordy.

{krista} said...

LOL! Is that really in your window? Love it!

And with talent like yours... you should have no problem in the photography business. It helps that you have such beautiful backdrops to use.

puna said...

You should get serious right now.

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

These are amazing shots! I am taking inspiration from you!

Anonymous said...

That's so great that you did a shoot for Melanie! What gorgeous pictures! I bet she's beside herself with how well they turned out. :)

LOVE the barn. Super convenient that it's just next door.

I laughed out loud at the electric sex lamp. Glad to see yours survived for year two. ;)

Straight to Your Hart said...

Wow...I forgot my has been sooo long since I checked you out..OOOooo..

That electric sex thingy..just be careful not to get shocked..hehe..

I LOVE my pictures Chris. Truly an eye for capturing the spirit of my girls..and the patience:) Thank you so much! and Yes Kelli you are right on..I am very giddy with his pictures:)