Wednesday, December 9, 2009

365: Week 49

Day 338

December 3: I've decided to no longer observe Thursdays. You may recall that last week I told you I had taken pictures on Thanksgiving and then lost them? Well, I found them...and then I lost the Thursday pictures from this week.

What you're seeing here is my Thanksgiving Day picture. My kids were recreating the scene from all those Charlie Brown Holiday specials -- when Charlie Brown tries to kick the football, and Lucy pulls it away at the last second.

So...did she pull it away? What do you think?

Day 339

December 4: The Historic Ogden Railroad Depot -- a great place to take pictures. There's just something about trains -- no matter where you take the picture, they just look cool!

Day 340

December 5: My brother-in-law, and his soon to be bride.  They needed some shots for their wedding announcement, so we headed down to the State Capitol, and shot in the snow. The umbrella was an afterthought, but it's my favorite part.

Day 341

December 6: Two birds with one stone -- the day we decorated the Christmas tree -- also St. Nicholas' Day.

Day 342

December 7: A new project --  Mod Podging the old electric guitar. It's hard to see in the picture, but I'm keeping a photo record of the project. Stay tuned!

Day 343

December 8: Dad's hat. Mom's scarf. And the smile is pure Emma. This picture is now hanging in my living room, for the holidays.

Day 344

December 9: Just because I hadn't taken a shot while driving for at least a couple of weeks.

(That, and there are no more weeds to take pictures of...)


Lindsay said...

Sweet. Since I no longer observe Wednesdays and you don't observe Thursdays, then we'll get to the weekend THAT much faster. Awesome. :-)

And of course she pulls it away!

Oh, and I love trains. They remind me of the simple know, cuz I'm so old and remember way back when...

You may not have weeds, but at least you don't have snow and -6 temps....there is that.

Cecily R said...

Love the project, love the Emma smile, don't love that we were at the Union Station on the same day and missed each other. Sigh.

Cecily R said...

Oh, and PS. I really wish I had your talent at skewed shots. I LOVE what you did for your BIL and wish I had that kind of eye. Whenever I try it though, it just looks crooked. Boooo.

Mom24 said...

I'm guessing she pulled the ball away.

The guitar's going to be gorgeous. I can't wait to see it.

Emily said...

If Emma was the one holding the football, I bet she did pull it away! :)
And that couple is just so darn cute. Could they look any happier and more in love?!

kayerj said...

Love the picture of Emma--perfect for Christmas.

{krista} said...

Go BYU!!!

Anonymous said...

That picture of Emma is gorgeous!! Such a pretty little girl and the hat and scarf, perfect holiday shot!

Wonderful pictures!!

Corey~living and loving said...

another great set. I'm STILL pluggin' away at my kitty a day project. Have no idea if I'll make a year, but I've almost done 100 days, and I only started out shooting for a 30 day project. I'm just having too much fun.

LOVE the shot of emma. it is delightful.

Michelle said...

I can't wait to see how that guitar turned out!

Love the shot of Emma. She is such a doll.