Wednesday, December 23, 2009

365: Week 51

Day 351

December 17: Pepperoni, mushrooms and olives, from Domino's Pizza. This was my Dad's pizza. I'm going to see him tomorrow. 

Day 352

December 18: It's been eleven years, since the worst day of my life. I came to terms with the anger a long time ago, but the emptiness, especially at Christmas still lingers. I feel my dad most when I'm playing with my son. They never knew each other -- we were going to tell my dad of the pregnancy that Christmas, but we never got the chance.

Day 353

December 19: Raspberry/Jalapeno Jelly. Or I should say, Raspberry/Jalapeno syrup -- as of this writing (December 23) it still hasn't set. Any jelly making tips out there?

By the way -- this is excellent on crackers, with a little cream cheese.

Day 354

December 20: Emma's very own manger scene. She wants you to know that the scene is set at sunset -- which is why the sky is so colorful (at six, she already understands the beauty of afternoon light).

And that's a chicken on the roof.

Day 355

December 21: Matthew the magnificent magician, practices his sleight of hand.

The picture turned out better than the magic tricks, but it was an entertaining show.

Day 356

December 22: Gratitude.

Our family has been greatly (GREATLY) blessed by our neighbors this Christmas (more on this later). Tuesday night we took the kids around with a few home made goodies to try and express how very thankful we are for such wonderful friends.

Day 357

December 23: I hadn't done a self portrait in a while.

Merry Christmas!


Kat said...

This is my first Christmas without my dad. It is not easy. This was his time of year. He always turned into a kid at Christmas. I miss him.

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and can feel your dad with you as you celebrate. :)

{krista} said...

Ah, your dad was so young!

Beautiful shots... thanks so much for sharing this year with us, it's been fun (even if I did only join in a few months ago)!

I hope you and your family have a very merry Christmas!!!

Emily said...

Your self portrait is very creative. :)
I'm so sorry about your dad. I know you must miss him terribly. I can't even imagine life without my dad.

Heidi said...

I am so sorry about losing your dad before he met your children. It is so hard to lose a loved one so close to Christmas.

I love the Chicken! No angels singing with heavenly voices. No, Jesus fell to sleep to the restful clucking of a chicken. Emma sure is cute.

I also really really like your self portrait. It is so creative!

I have a Christmas message for you (well and everyone else) on my blog if you have a minute and want to stop by!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family, Chris! May you feel your father's presence in the love and happiness you share with your family.

Great pictures this week. Emma's quite the little artist. The magic trick picture is great and I love the self portrait!

Mom24 said...

Merry Christmas Chris. I hope 2010 is full of good things for you.

I'm so sorry about your dad.

Love the magic shot--very cool.

Pam Emmons said...

Uber-cool self portrait.
I really wish I could have met your dad. I came into the picture one year too late.
Miss you guys today. A lot.

imbeingheldhostage said...

I do have canning tips for you and your jalepeno jelly. Immediately after sealing, wrap in bubble wrap and tape securely. They place it in a box filled with packaging peanuts and mail to your friends overseas.

These are gorgeous shots with wonderful sentiments Chris.

I want your honest opinion now, for someone considering the 365 day challenge-- would you do it again?

Michelle said...

I'm glad you got around to a self portrait. You always come up with someone creative.

I'm sorry your dad isn't around to enjoy what a great Dad you have become.

No jelly advice. I never do anything that requires "canning" because I'm afraid I will screw up and give everyone food poison.