Thursday, April 15, 2010

Photostory Friday: 365 Week 15

Hosted by Chris

Day 98

April 9: We throw things in our family. We throw footballs. We throw baseballs. We throw our weight around. We throw tantrums.

You get the idea.

But, one of our favorite things to throw is the frisbee. This one is our oldest and our favorite. It's just a two dollar frisbee, but it flies as straight as an arrow (even with the teeth marks in it, from the times when my former neighbor would forget that he didn't shell out the two dollars for the frisbee, and would play catch with his dog.)

I'm not bitter.

Day 99

April 10: When the soccer games on Saturday morning begin at 8:15, pancakes give way to donuts.

So far, no complaints.

Day 100

April 11: I was going to mark day 100 with something spectacular. And then I forgot all about it.

I don't usually go this extreme when it comes to editing, but I wanted to see how much I could focus in on  Jordan's eyes.

I think it looks like a pencil drawing.

Day 101

April 12: Do you take your Christmas lights down, and then put them back up again every Fall?

Not me.

That's why I hung clear lights. You don't notice them.

Ok, you hardly notice them.

(I never know how handy I'm going to be, from minute to minute, so the fact that I got the lights up without killing myself -- or breaking anything -- is justification enough to leave them up).

Don't judge me!

Day 102

April 13: When I was a kid, there were still heroes on the earth -- or rather, above the earth. Men who  traveled to the stars.

Of the billions of people who live, and have lived on Earth, there have been just over 500 men and women who have seen this globe from orbit, and it changes every single one of them. They look out into the vast emptiness of space, and then back at their little, blue home. They each come to the same conclusion -- that we spend far too much time fighting over this little gem, and not enough time appreciating what we have here on earth.

Tuesday night, Sharon and I had the pleasure of listening to one of these men -- former Utah Senator Jake Garn, who flew with Discovery, twenty five years ago this week -- as he spoke of his experience, and introduced the new Imax movie, Hubble 3D (a jaw dropping movie. See it. Tonight.)

The United States has gotten eight dollars back, for every dollar that has been invested in the Space Program. Most of the cutting edge technology in communications, health care and many other fields, has it's birth in the space program.  The current administration wants to end the Shuttle program.

This is rarely a political blog, but please consider contacting your congressional delegation, and asking them to fight for the survival of NASA.

Food for thought.

Day 103

April 14: I can't tell you why -- I just like this shot. It's pretty representative of Emma's personality -- a brilliant, flashing light.

Day 104

April 15: Tax Day.

I paid seven thousand dollars.

Not in taxes, but for a new furnace, after ours went berserk, and melted everything in the house on Tuesday.

You know, even if I had seven thousand dollars just sitting around (which we don't -- we're financing), I would still resent shelling it out for a new furnace. What fun is that?

It does have a 99 year warranty though -- so, if it breaks down when I'm 136, they're going to fix it for free! (Or, maybe their great grand children will...)

And a Bonus

I just want to get your take on this picture.

I was going through some older pictures a few days ago, and I came across this one. This is my nephew Noah on a hike all the boy cousins and their dads took, last summer.

What is that thing flying by his calf?

I have no idea what it is -- it looks like a fairy (albeit an ugly fairy...)

What say you?


Mom24 said...

Whatever it is, it's terrifying to me. I guess it could be a fairy, but my thoughts went to big, scary bug.

Ouch!!! Seven thousand dollars?!!! I want to throw salt over my shoulder or something for good luck after just reading about that. So sorry.

Love the doughnut shot.

Mom24 said...

PS Did they let you finance it for 99 years?

Cecily R said...

By far, Jon's favorite outside toy in the last few years is an aerobie. He LOVES them.

Youch. Seven grand? That smarts. I'm sorry. That is a rotten thing to have to spend that kind of money on.

Love the sun flare shot of Emma. Love.

An ugly fairy. Heh.

Raise Them Up said...

I say tiny chicken.

Love the donuts...and the eyes.

And the frisbee thing would eat at me too. Especially a straight flying favorite. They're hard to come by.

We leave our lights on outside trees, too. But I usually end up chewing off the plug with the lawn mower. It's a gamble to be lazy.

And for seven thousand, I hope it does windows and takes out the trash!

Emmy said...

Oh that looks like some kind of scary bug, not sure what it is, but creepy big for a flying insect.

So you are one of those, with the lights year round eh? Well.. I'll still be your friend, as long as you don't turn them on all year long.

I love day 103 too! cool shot

Kelly Deneen Raymond said...

What in the world MELTED in your house because of your furnace going berserk?! Scary!!

I LOVE that pic of Jordan. Very cool. :)

And BTW, frisbees and donuts are both awesome. I must say that our frisbees have lots of bitemarks though. My sweet dog, Sarah, is a monster.

And I don't judge on the Christmas lights. I just took my down on Sunday.

Love the Emma shot with the light too -- it does seem to represent her (from what you've said).

Kelly Deneen Raymond said...

And BTW, I do think that is a freaky little fairy. Crazy!!!

And I LOVE that Ghost Hunters is your guilty pleasure. I have been watching GH and Destination Truth every Wednesday lately. Love it!

Corey~living and loving said...

great set of shots. You know what I love BETTER than a photo a day for a year.....the explanation of those photos every day for year. THAT is priceless. :)

oh and that is totally a fairy.

BUT....I might have to stop coming by this here blog. Your christmas lights still being up.....that might be a deal breaker for me.

Honey Mommy said...

Your donut shot is going to make me blow my diet! They look SO SO SO tasty!

I totally forgot about day 100 until just as I was posting. Oops. So much for making it memorable!

The new furnace totally blows. Well, hopefully it really does blow warm air, but it sucks to have to spend money on something so boring and practical.

By the way, you are totally the reason my son keeps saying, "Look Mommy! Those people are supposed to take their Christmas lights DOWN! Silly people!"

Liz {Learning To Juggle} said...


I think I'm kinda stuck on that picture, I am sure you have more here....something about a creepy bug I think...but all I see are donuts (this is what happens when you diet of course)

debi9kids said...

no clue what that is on his leg. freaky. I thought you were going to ask what it looks like he's doing (and I was going to say "peeing". LOL)

Totally support the space program! I think if we are going to throw our tax dollars at some of the RIDICULOUS things they are doing via the "stimulus bill" , the last thing they should be doing is cutting the space program. (oh Lord, I could go on and on and on...UGH!)

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your 100th photo! STUNNING!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

You may be the only person to capture on "film" a fairy! :)
Day 100 is awesome!!

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

Flying by that kids leg is a really, really scary bug that needs to be killed. Now. There ya' go.

And that shot of Emma is awesome, especially because, with her personality, it looks like she's doing the "flipping off" gesture they do in Great Britain (from what I understand anyhow...not being British, I may be wrong).

The photo of your daughter's eyes is awesome too!

koreen (aka: winn) said...

You're freaking me out... I tend to be quite doubtful, then become totally a believer... and it looks like an ugly little fairy. I'm sure it's just a weird angle for a completely normal bug, but you got me believin'! Sorry, that's all I can focus on right now... I'll have to get back to you on the other photos. It's been a rough week....

Pam Emmons said...

I still think it looks like an ugly fairy. Leave it to my son to attract the fairy... Good thing he didn't see it. He would've wanted to bring it home. That Jordan shot is awesome.

Oh, and did I ever tell you that I have a cousin who is an actual rocket scientist for NASA? I know, hard to believe, given that I am related to everyone. So, GO NASA!!

cat said...

Must be a fairy! I just love days 102 and 103.

I love that you also throw tantrums around...

Unknown said...

I love the peace sign and the sun flare. She is ADORABLE! I am so glad you get to be her Daddy : )

Amy said...

the picture of the lights is really cool. we take ours down and put them up. Actually we have "Lights Up" do all the work and store our lights for the summer and fix any that break. They are wonderful and inexpensive. WAY worth it.

Sorry about the furnace.

Emily said...

I really love that shot of Emma.
I totally notice people who leave up there lights...but no judgement from me! :)
I love to throw tantrums.
And maybe it's two dragonflies flying around stuck know how they do that?

CDB said...

Love ALL the shots this week!!..all of them. Especially the frisbee, and donuts, and brilliant flash of light. But mostly I love your commentary on life in between the pictures.. that's really what it's all about.

And it's so obvious that you get the important stuff, and leave behind the rest. (:

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

I so want a doughnut right now - thanks.

I wouldn't have thought you to be a Christmas lights year round kind of guy. Not judging, just saying. :)

Thanks for the shout out about NASA. NASA is huge where I live. This is a really big deal to a lot of people and rightfully so. We've had the chance to visit the NASA Space and Rocket Center - Home of Space Camp - a few times now. Every time I go, I am awestruck. We saw the IMAX - Magnificient Desolation, Walking on the Moon. It was SO COOL!!! I was captivated and so were my kids. I felt like I was there - without the space suit, of course. I'll have to see if the one you are talking about is here. Sounds awesome.

And I have no idea what is on your nephew's leg in that picture. Whatever it is, it looks a little scary. :P

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

P.S. So sorry about your furnace. I'm crossing my fingers that ours holds out a few months longer. We've been putting band-aids on it, but I know it's going to need to be replaced fairly soon. It's crazy how much those things cost!

kayerj said...

love Jorden's eyes, and Emma's brilliance. Donuts are good :) And I'm going with fairy--I believe in fairy's, I DO!

Alex@LateEnough said...

I loved the comments under the picture of the frisbee because we LOVE throwing the SAME things in our house (football, baseballs, and tantrums mostly).
And your Day 100 picture is so cool -- I love the editing!
Oh and that thing on the leg... is gross.

PS. last year we took down our christmas lights in june. because we needed to trim the bushes.

stephbouf2 said...

That fairy thing looks like a VERY big Mosquito!! ewwww!! But then again does kinda look like a fairy..which is soo cool!
Mmmmmm!!! I LOVE Donuts!! i love that shot!
hahaha my parents NEVER take the Christmas lights down! Soo your not alone!
I have to sayy that 100th shot is my fav! Her eyes are B-E-A-U-TIFUL!!!

puna said...

I really like this Chris. I hope our space program doesn't go away...and sorry about your furnace. Your 100 day photo is beautiful.

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

That's impressive that you've kept a frisbee for so long...and that it was only $2.

Ummmm...donuts (said in a Homer Simpson voice, of course.)

Interesting about the space program. I had no idea they got back $8 for every $1. (Just curious, who is paying the $7?)

Yikes about the furnace. That really isn't fun at all. But, thank goodness for that 99 year warranty.

And, I say it's a wasp.

Robyn said...

I thought we were going to have to get a new furnace this winter when ours wasn't working the coldest week of the year.
The "pencil drawing" is very pretty.

Suzanne said...

But, Jordan IS "something spectacular" to shoot on Day 100!

Although, Day 100 was ALSO the day you were over at our home for the chocolate fountain -- I'm very bitter that you did not photo THAT -- Man, WHAT does it take to make your blog?!! :)

Michelle said...

LOL! I am laughing at your warranty comment.

Love the extreme edit of Jordan. So ghostly.

Love the shot of Emma. It has a cool 70's vibe.

Now put on a Homer Simpson voice....Dooonuts!

MomOf4 said...

The last picture looks like a little, tiny frog! Love it! Great political statement too. :)