Thursday, November 4, 2010

Photostory Friday: 365 Week 44

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and Lolli

Day 299

October 29: For as much time as I've spent on the computer lately, I would have thought the keyboard would be a little less dusty.

There is honking in my head.

Day 300

October 30: Who knew you could say so much with your feet? I wish I could think of more to say about this shot, but my daughter is practicing the clarinet ten feet from where I'm sitting, and I'm losing my mind...

Day 301

October 31: A sure sign of the coming of winter: dusting off the old Wii controllers. Earlier this week I went to an actual batting cage...I hit more balls on the Wii...

It's not that I mind the clarinet, and Jordan is learning to play pretty's just so...loud

Day 302

November 1: I'm fourteen times smarter than I was before I ate this candy.

Day 303

November 2: That guy there is a pretty good golfer.

At least he was before his kids deleted him from the Wii.

There is a gaggle of geese flying through my brain.

Day 304

November 3: The aborted first attempt at family pictures.


Day 305

November 4: Getting closer...'s a work in progress...

Just like the clarinet.


Corey~living and loving said...

I can almost hear the honking. :)

looks like you are full into fall there...and heading into is this happening? ugh

Cecily R said...

You know, I'd be happy to come and push the button for you and your family. I personally HATE the self timer...

The honking made me snort.

Emily said...

My brother used to play the trombone. Seriously, sometimes at night I can still hear it. Those band instruments can really haunt you forever. :)
I can't wait until my kids are old enough to sit down and look at the camera. Our self-timer family pictures usually include on trying to run away, one digging in the dirt, and one picking his nose.

kayerj said...

I like your mii, there's a place I've seen online (but who knows where) where you can get your mii on a t or sweat shirt. I thought it would be great fun for a family photo shoot.

I like the boys feet

and your family photo shot, both sides.

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

isn't it crazy how cool we are on the wii?! :) Have her practice outside to enlighten the neighborhood! That is where we have Robby play the trumpet, the neighbor kids then bring out their instruments and we have a little impromptu band on the front lawn! :)
We are going to attempt the family photo this weekend...... I feel for ya!

cat said...

Love that family picture. Have not been around in ages.

Dorene said...
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Dorene said...

You make me laugh.

{krista} said...

Hmmm... no wonder my parents didn't encourage me when I played the clarinet in 7th grade.

And don't you have like 900 Mii's? Or do your kids actually find playing the games more fun than creating Mii's?

Kelly Deneen Raymond said...

LOL. My mom used to make me practice my clarinet 30 minutes a day. Bah!!

Love the pictures as always. We are making more use of our indoor toys as well. :)

Raise Them Up said...

That's a pretty great family picture. Purple shoe laces and all!

But, reading this post late as I am, I'm now wondering if the absess was just a ruse to get some pain killers to ease you through those!