Thursday, November 18, 2010

Photostory Friday: 365 Week 46

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and Lolli

Day 313

November 12: Some people identify with generals or presidents or great athletes or philosophers or any number of other notable personalities.

Me? I identify with three characters: The Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz, Charlie Brown and my favorite character all -- Kermit the Frog.

Day 314

November 13: Yeah, we're still working on the family protrait...if we could just learn to smile...

Day 315

November 14: We had a houseguest for most of this week. This is Bella, and she's just as cute as she looks.

My philosophy, when it comes to dogs is the same as my philosophy on babies: they're a LOT more fun, when you can give them back.

Day 316

November 15: A truly rare photograph.

Bigfoot? The Loch Ness Monster? Child's play next to trying to find a sharpened pencil in our house.

Day 317

November 16: This didn't turn out quite the way I imagined it would -- I was envisioning an abstract amalgamation of autumn colors.

Instead, it just looks like potpourri.

Day 318

November 17: Emma crafting a personalized birthday card for my mom.

Incidentally, it was my mom's sixty-FIRST birthday -- not her sixty-SECOND, as I discovered, much to my chagrin.

Day 319

November 18: As if Thursdays are not hectic enough, along comes standard time, and takes away all of my evening light, making it that much more difficult to get a decent picture.

Soooo....when you're driving home, and the sunset is beautiful, and rapidly fading, you stop the first chance you get, and shoot it -- even if you have to shoot through a chain link fence.


Cecily R said...

Personally, I totally dig the chain link sunset.

Love the family pic too!

kayerj said...

I buy mechanical pencils now--now they just run out of lead! but at least I don't have to find a sharpner.

I watched the charlie brown thanksgiving special last night

Kermit is cool

your family picture looks nice

and so does the sunset

latree said...

hi Kermit :D

the family photo was grate. I like it seeing people posing freely like that than standing so stiff.

I love the photo of the pencils. I've seen color pencils in a tide, and that's boring.

Kelly Deneen Raymond said...

The Kermit shot is my favorite. Very nice. :) Is he yours or one of your kids'?

scrappysue said...

me too, on the chain link, and i think a lack of quality pencil SHARPENERS is the issue...

Straight to Your Hart said...

Hello Chris! So glad to be reading and seeing pictures:) Always inspiring.

The pencils I can totally well as socks!

Emmy said...

LOVE the pencil and sunset pictures!! Wow amazing.