Sunday, February 5, 2012

366: Week 5


January 29: Nesting dolls. These were a gift that my mom brought back to us from her trip to Alaska.

Because she gets to go to cool places...and I don't.

But, I'm fine with that. Really.

Just move on, ok?

(Just kiddin' Mom :)


January 30: So, I had the camera wrapped tightly around my wrist -- so there was no danger at all of the camera falling into the street.

What about being a responsible driver, you ask?

Hey, I have a responsibility to my art, don't I?


January 31: This is the sight that greets me each morning as I step into the shower. It's a little disconcerting  -- they seem so intensely focused...

Sorry your highnesses, I'm almost forty, it's probably not going to get much better than this.


February 1: This is the only football we recognize at our house. And truthfully, only two of us recognized it.


February 2: I'm still working on this whole bokeh concept. Thursday night I found myself lying on the floor, amidst a bunch of Christmas lights, trying to come up with some ideas, when I noticed the way the lights were reflecting off the back of this DVD, laying on the floor. 

Why was the DVD laying on the floor?

Don't ask me.

Seriously, don't ask's a sore subject. 


February 3: I am a BYU fan. My son is a FANATIC. He's sees Y's everywhere. He draws Y's on everything. He wears a BYU shirt to school every day (no, not the SAME shirt -- he has enough to wear a different one each day). He's actually known as that kid that wears BYU shirts every day. He even makes Y's out of Legos. This one, he says, is perfectly, exactly the same. 

You and I would say it's symmetrical.


February 4: Second verse, same as the first...only different. With this Skywalker family photo session, and the Stormtrooper family from last week (along with a couple of other ideas I have) I'm thinking of producing a line of VERY exclusive Father's Day cards this year.


Sheri said...

I would have a heart attack and die if I dropped my camera out the car window. The Disney princesses must be in awe of your cajones. :)

{krista} said...

I think more alarming than having Disney princesses watch you take a shower is the fact that you still have Christmas lights on. I say that as if my lights aren't on half the time either - but at least there are no Disney characters of any sort in my shower, just stray cats.

Kelly Deneen Raymond said...

The nesting dolls shot is awesome. I am a little jealous of how/where you have a perfectly white/blank surface to take that photo as well.

And the car shot is awesome! You are very brave.

I totally LOL at the creepy dolls in the shower. OMG. Delia is a fan of Polly and Barbie dolls, but she lies them down on towels to dry off after baths.

Mandie said...

I would buy a couple of those Father's Day cards!