Saturday, April 2, 2011

Photostory Friday: Feet?

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Are you ever scrolling through your photo files, and suddenly a pattern emerges? I know that I take a lot of pictures of hands, and a lot of pictures of people walking away from the camera. But, it turns out, I also take a lot of pictures of feet...

Actually, I owe this observation to my lovely wife Sharon, who...


...crochets these adorable dolls...

...and, who mentioned the other day:

"You take a lot of pictures of feet."

And so I do. But why?

I have been completely unconscious of this fact. So, I looked into the psychological factors of foot fancy, and it turns out that all psychologists are perverts, and I can't print what they say here.

This is a family blog.

I'm pretty sure THAT'S not why I take pictures of feet.

The truth is, for better or worse, I think of myself as a storyteller. And the still photograph can be a very powerful storytelling tool.

I see the life going on all around me as a great story -- millions...billions...of smaller stories, running around and into and through each other, weaving a living tapestry, writing the biggest story of all.

Once in a while, I'm asked to help tell someone's story.

I thrive on that opportunity, and I try to make each frame count. Each click of the shutter is another sentence, a statement, sometimes an exclamation point, another moment, another piece of the story.

I love to see that the closer you get, the more story there is to tell. For me, the big picture is nothing compared to the very small one. Our story is told in everything we do, and all that we are. Every word we speak, every look or gesture, each hair on our heads, our hands and eyes and belly buttons, and even our feet help to tell the world our unique and beautiful story.

And I guess that's why I take pictures of feet.

Or not...


Kat said...

It's your eye. That's why you take so many pictures of feet. You have an amazing eye. Your eye, the angles your take of the feet, it all tells such a story. Each of your photos tells a story. Love it!
I really don't like feet (except for baby feet, which I love) but I LOVE all your feet shots. :)

kris... said...

Love the hot pink wedding shoes.... ;)

Cecily R said...

I take a lot of feet pictures too...and I have no idea why either. But apparently I have a pattern too. :)

I still LOVE the rollerblades shot.

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

First - those dolls are too cute!

Second - I love the baby foot. I so wish I had taken pictures of my kiddos' feet when they were little. So sweet.

scrappysue said...

makes me wonder what i photograph a lot of - it's pretty cool when a pattern emerges tho.

scrappysue said...

oh yeah - the dolls are AMAZING! purple and lime are my FAVE colours. she needs to charge more tho - so much work in them!!!

word verification - NZ - is that spooky or what!!!

Chris said...

Spooky indeed. Maybe my computer recognizes you by now? But seriously, You had a two letter word verification? Maybe I need to up my security a little :)

Buckeroomama said...

"Each click of the shutter is another sentence, a statement, sometimes an exclamation point, another moment, another piece of the story."

Couldn't agree more!

I thoroughly enjoyed this post and all the pictures of feet. :)

Danyelle said...

I love all the pictures, particularly the kids sharing the rollerblades and the mismatched, worn toenail polish. I think feet are an important part of the story we tell through pictures since they are how most of us get where we are going.

kaye said...

my kids used to do that with their rollerblades too. I think feet shots are fun too.

Sheri Stewart said...

I also am not big on feet, except my kids feet - I could eat those up. But I really loved all of your feet pictures!


Krystyn said...

So many stories and so many shoes to fill!

As an added bonus, feet seem to move a lot less than faces.