Monday, November 24, 2008

The Reckoning

(This will be my last post about "THE GAME," I promise)

Rarely do I wish I lived somewhere else. But, for a day or two every couple of years, I think it would be nice to be somewhere else for a little while. 

In college football, the greatest rivalry, so it is said, is the Ohio State/Michigan game. I don't really buy it -- my Ohio State graduate in-laws notwithstanding. You see, when that game is over, one state rejoices and the other mourns. But they don't have to look at each other while they do it. They don't have to live with the winners (or losers). In Utah it's different. 

In Utah, there's a reckoning. 

This is the week. One side gloats, one side fumes, and then we all try to figure out how to live with each other for another year. For me, The Reckoning is threefold: 

1. Church
   I live in a neighborhood, and attend church with a congregation, that consists primarily of Ute fans. Yesterday I had to face all of those people. There were a LOT of red ties in the congregation. I sat at the back of each meeting, so that I wouldn't have to look at them. Eventually though, I had to speak to my neighbors, and there was some good natured ribbing. I can take it, I've been humbled before. Church is the least of my worries when it comes to The Reckoning (at least where football is concerned). 

2. Work
   I also work, primarily, with Ute fans. They are not as forgiving, or good natured, as the church goers. See, I'm not a trash talking kind of guy. Except for this one time of year. I say things that might be considered ...provoking...inflammatory...perhaps, riot inducing(?). And, for the last two years, my team has backed me up. But The Reckoning will always catch up to you -- it's just a matter of time. It's not even worth calling in sick, because it will be waiting for you whenever you get back. So I just went to work today, and took it. You live and die with your team.

3. My Brother
   The worst part about The Reckoning is when you know you deserve what you're about to get. Tim is a Ute fan. It's what he lives for. I'll see him on Thanksgiving. I've been merciless for the last two years. I egg him on. I remind him all year of the last two heartbreaking losses. Last Christmas, I wrapped his presents in BYU wrapping paper. And he takes it mostly, I think, because he's always deferred to me as the older brother. This year he'll tease a little bit, but he won't say much. He'll just sit there in his smug superiority, smiling like the cat that ate the canary. And there won't be a thing I can say. My team has a national championship, but that was decades ago. His team has busted in to the BCS. Twice. He doesn't need to say anything at all. He knows The Reckoning has taken care of all that. 

I hear Ohio is nice this time of year.


Kellan said...

Oh, you poor thing - I guess that's what the crow in your header is all about - you are going to be eating crow instead of turkey for Thanksgiving - HA! Love the crow picture and if I got that wrong it's just because this post sort of went in one ear and turned a little bit to blah, blah, blah around the third paragraph. So sorry - I try to stay with it - this football talk - I do. I'm no good at at. Can't wait to hear about the things your brother does to you - will make for good blog fodder should you chose to discuss it - tee hee! Sorry, again.

Take care, Chris - Kellan

Kat said...

One of my girlfriends is a staunch Packers fan married to a devoute Lions fan. Every year they have Thanksgiving at his families house and the two teams have played against each other far too many times on that day. It has been VERY hard on her. Whether the Pack wins or looses she hears about it.

Thank you for your wonderful comment on my post. You described it perfectly. And I completely agree with you on apologizing. I always apologize to the boys when I've crossed the line.

SalGal said...

These ties that bind to our roots don't exist outside of Utah, which makes the game not as much fun.

Unless, say, your mother-in-law's birthday happens to fall on game day and she roots for the Y. In which case it's even better than Christmas!

Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander said...

You my friend have taken football to a whole new level.

I guess the same could be said for my beloved NY Jets. We've had a run of bad luck but this year is different. It's been a great season and yet we live in the midwest...where no one else cares about the NY Jets.

Maybe that's good though because we don't have to contend with so much of the bad.

Momisodes said...

Oh man. I can only imagine the tension. Makes me a bit happy knowing noone in my hubby's family watches football. There's enough drama without sports.

LOVE the crow in your header :)

Deb said...

geez louise, and here i though auburn/alabama was bad...

this was hysterical, by the way. i especially loved paragraph 2. Work.

imbeingheldhostage said...

I hear ihop serves up a mean T-day dinner, you could just avoid Tim this year...