Wednesday, February 18, 2009

365: Week 7

365: Week 7

Day 43

February 12: Where the buffalo roam. My wife called to tell me that on her way to work, she had seen, in a nearby field, a small herd of bison. You don't often get a chance to take pictures of bison, so I made a detour on my way home. 

These, of course, are NOT bison -- those animals (the largest land mammal in North America -- don't say I've never taught you anything) were gone. But in the far distance I could see something. It turned out to be four mule deer. 

I apologize for the quality of picture -- it was shot from very far away, as I was parked where I really shouldn't have been.  (I had a lot more to say about that picture than I thought I did).

Day 44

February 13: Friday the 13th, and this was the best shot I could come up with -- bare tree branches against the dawn sky -- it was a SLOW photography day. 

Day 45

February 14: Valentines Day. My wife had to work that evening, so we were planning on celebrating Monday night -- more on that later. But I was REALLY in the mood for a Mr. Goodbar. So I headed to Target.

It turns out Target doesn't sell Mr. Goodbar. 

I may have overcompensated. 

Day 46

February 15: The box with the frozen pizza in it said to remove the pizza from the box, cook for 14 minutes. But, the one direction my son missed was the warning: DO NOT MICROWAVE!

With carbon already the most abundant element in the universe, I wouldn't have thought he would have seen a need to make more...

Day 47

February 16: So our Valentines plans didn't quite work out. Early Monday morning, right after I got to work, Sharon went back to the hospital. The tumor has been bleeding and causing her to be extremely anemic. She ended up needing another transfusion. Hopefully that will all be taken care of tomorrow (the 19th) after surgery. 

Needless to say, my mind was elsewhere that night, and I almost forgot to take a picture -- but I think it's a habit now. As I sat at McDonald's on my way to the hospital, I noticed these odd purple leaves. 

Day 48

February 17: Atlas. I am not this guy.

But some days I feel like it. 

Day 49

February 18: Okay -- the first picture is not the one I took today. It's a picture I took in Moab several years ago. I was on the edge of 2,000 foot cliff. I consciously made the effort to create that image. It's one of my favorites. 

Today, on my way home from work, I just rolled down the window, stuck the camera out and clicked the shutter. 


Unknown said...

awesome, awesome!
Thank you!


Alex @ I'm the Mom said...

I like all your pictures. I think my favourite is of the Atlas and the man carrying it.

My prayers are going out overtime for your wife, and for yourself and your children. I am praying that her surgery goes perfect tomorrow. I am praying that the doctors are able to remove the cancer and that your wife will be as good as new. I am praying that should the doctors not be able to heal her, that a mirical happens and God will take care of it.

Big hugs, lots of hugs.

Lindsay said...

Okay - I'm waiting patiently for an update on your wife. I pray that all has gone well today for her.

I love love love the microwave story - so fitting for a boy NOT to read directions.

Ever had a Whachamacalit (sp?)?? Those are the bomb

SalGal said...

Nobody sells Mr. Goodbar in the full-size arena. It's those Hershey Minis or nothin' for you!

Trying to keep things on the lighter side... If I were your wife, I would be like "Honey, just bring me a bed to the Black Angus, I'll be living there and eating steak 24/7 until I feel better!" You know. For the iron. I swear! ;)

Michelle said...

Great pictures this week Chris!

Bleeding tumor? That doesn't sound good. I hope the surgery helps.

Hugs for you and for Sharon!

Val said...

I think atlas would look better if he had a dresser or a sofa or something like that on his back then you could probably relate better. ha ha ha Hey you didn't tell me about Sharon, sorry that she had to go back but I do hope all goes as planned on thursday!

Corey~living and loving said...

you got some really GREAT shot. I love the variety.

sorry to hear your wife needed a transfusion. I'll be thinking of you both tomorrow.

I am in total love with the last two shots. I love that sometimes it take work to get the image and is just meant to be.

Mom said...

Thinking of you & your family today. Hoping everything goes smoothly.

Love, love, love the last two shots.

I would have overcompensated for no Goodbar as well. ;)

Cajoh said...

Oops… I hope the pizza wasn't a disaster.

Love the pictures from the car window.

Hope surgery goes well.

Anonymous said...

I love the candy shot but I think you may have very well overcompensated. I tend to do that as well.

So does the deer shot mean that bison and deer live in harmony or is someone the hunted?

Kelly Deneen Raymond said...

Wow! You take amazing pictures, even while hanging out of car windows! Love the weekly collection. :)

So sorry to hear that your wife needed another transfusion. You continue to be in my thoughts!

scrappysue said...

day 49 - awesome pics, and it's raisinettes all the way for me, altho over here, we simply call them 'chocolate covered raisins'. kinda self-explanatory!!!

sunshinesls said...

I truly enjoyed these pics!!! Keep up the good work!

Susan said...

That Moab picture is perfect! I can see why it is one of your favorites.

You should have taken a picture of that charred pizza..mmmm.