Wednesday, May 27, 2009

365: Week 21

Day 141

May 21: Self Portrait

I'm a drive-with-the-windows-down kind of guy. I can't wait until the weather gets warm enough to let the fresh (-ish)  air blow through my hair -- what's left of it (my hair, I mean).

I also hate to be hot, so I turn on the air conditioning.

While the windows are down -- which is still not as dumb as driving around in a convertible, with the windows rolled up. 

I never said I was practical. 

Day 142

May 22: "No Dad! Don't take my picture! I HATE it!" 

(Can you see the smile underneath?)

Do you know what I love? I love little kid fingers -- they really tell a story. 

Day 143

May 23: I decided to make chocolate chip cookies on Saturday. I followed the recipe EXACTLY (well, I doubled the chocolate chips) and instead of chocolate chip cookies, I got these. 

Whatever they are.

They look like cow pies, don't they?

Day 144

May 24: Sharon has always maintained that Matt is her best snuggler.

Don't ask where I come in on that list.

Day 145

May 25: Remember my nephew Jackson? Here he is exploring his aunt Sharon's hands. 

Day 146

May 26: The sweet smell of summer. 

Russian Olives are the only trees that I can smell before I see. These trees are EVERYWHERE along the roads and highways of Utah. I think they're, basically, giant weeds -- I don't know if anyone actually plants them.

Day 147

May 27: And the sweet taste of summer!

If you have never had anything from the "Simply" people, I suggest you go out and buy all of their products. 

Right now.

Would you like to know the best way to enjoy these? Pour them into smaller plastic bottles and freeze them. Then ENJOY!

It the delicious frozen gift, that keeps on giving!


Terri said...

But were the chocolate chip cow pies good? All can be forgiven if they're yummy.

Love the snuggle photo. And Jackson, exploring. And yes, kid's fingers and toes are the best. I snapped a few of those today myself. (oh that sounds so wrong!)

Love peeking into your world.

sunshinesls said...

Oh the cookies are too funny but I too was wondering if they were still good? I love love kids fingers....and the windows rolled up on the convertibles has ALWAYS annoyed me!!!! I have been known to do the roll down the window and enjoy the air too....BTW....I still laugh to myself very often about you snorting the Devil's sauce or what ever it was up your nose.....makes me smile....I know I laugh way to much at other peoples pain! Children like Jackson too makes me smile so I think that balances it out!!!

kayerj said...

I too belong to the roll the window down and turn on the air conditioner club--I love the feel of the breeze on my face, not so much the canned breeze.

I think hands tell the story of pretty much anybody's life. You can guess a lot about a person by examining every cut, wrinkle, callous or smooth spot.

Oh and isn't chocolate anything good particularly if its double chocolate?

On the Russian Olive; it is not native to Utah--in fact they are trying to clear it out of some areas. We had a large cleanout along the river not long ago. I think they smell good too.

wonderful post as always.

Carebear said...

We are big fans of the Simply lemonade and limeade in our house (your photo is the first time I've seen the raspberry version - yum!). I cannot wait to try freezing them! BTW, we drive around with a/c cranked and windows down too. Hubby loves a/c and I love fresh air, so it's our compromise...

Mom24 said...

I think the cookies look awesome. I can't imagine my hubby making cookies--that's all right, he's good at eating them. ;-)

Good for you for driving with your window down and the a/c on--life's short, you know?

Sugar maples are our weed tree around here. Does the russian olive have a good scent?

The Simply line is a big hit around here too. Mmmmm, so good. I've never seen the Raspberry lemonade though--very jealous.

Kelly Deneen Raymond said...

Mmmmmm frozen lemonade! The cookies crack me up, and all of your pictures made me smile.

Straight to Your Hart said...

Love the header picture!! I bet those were tasty cow pies:0) I do wonder why the top down with windows up...maybe to not mess up the hair? Secretly I do the same thing with the air conditioner. My girls seem to "huggle" (snuggle and hug) the best. Those tiny little fingers, and little giggles get me everytime:0)

Corey~living and loving said...

Fun set of photos.

always such variety. I can count on you for inspiration.

CC said...

Those cookies look an awful lot like the ones I posted about last week.... I think you need to refrigerate the dough for a little while (like I should have done!)

Lindsay said...

Okay. I JUST noticed that Simply stuff in the store yesterday and thought that it would probably become a BAD addictions....yikes. Sounds yummo.

Melissa said...

The cookies don't look too bad... I actually like crispy, well-done cookies!! :)

Michelle said...

Ok, that is one giant "weed."

The chocolate chip cookies.....they may not look like something Betty Crocker made, but I'll bet they still tasted yummy.

I was taking a picture of Kate's hands making donuts this morning and noticed how dirty her nails were. I noticed your daughter nails.....a sign of being an active kid.

Love the shot of your nephews hands, but the best is the slight glimpse of glasses on his little face.

Great job!

Anonymous said...

I say there's nothing wrong with the windows open and AC on. If it's too cold I often like windows down and heat on as well. :)

Cookies are cookies and extra chocolate? YUM. Doesn't matter what they look like, just how they taste.

Mmmm freezing them, eh? I've only tried their apple (which is delicious). I'll have to try those.