Thursday, June 10, 2010

Photostory Friday: 365 week 23

Hosted by Chris

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and Lolli

Day 154

June 4: Blowing Bubbles: Part One

"We're bored."

Five hours into summer vacation, and this is what Matthew and his best friend, Oscar, were reduced to: sitting on the patio swing, blowing bubbles.

Day 155

June 5: Blowing Bubbles: Part Deux

Emma was decidedly NOT bored.

It's so simple, and yet so basically appealing, to give flight to something, even for an instant. To this day, I still can't pass up the magic wand and the sudsy water. How about you?

Day 156

June 6: I end every week thinking that it was a total disaster (photographically speaking). And then I start preparing my pictures to post, and serendipity always slaps me right in the face. This was a triple rainbow, above the foothills to the east of my home (have you ever noticed how rarely you see a rainbow in the western sky? But, I digress...).

It was brighter in reality -- you can just barely make out the third rainbow between the other two.

Actually, my favorite part of the picture is that little cloud right in the middle.

Day 157

June 7: Great skies two nights in a row. We live close to some train tracks and I've always wanted to shoot a train silhouette (hey, we all have dreams...). The problem is, there's a freeway between me and the tracks, so it's hard to get a picture without cars in it.

I must have shot thirty pictures trying to shoot between the cars -- ultimately, I just cropped them out  :)

Day 158

June 8: I know I posted a picture almost just like this, last week, although this is not the same flower. I killed that one.

But this week I'm looking for advice. I know nothing about raising flowers -- I think I've made that abundantly clear -- but all of these giant, beautiful roses bloomed this week, and now they're just falling apart...literally. If I touch them, they crumble.

What can I do (or not do -- besides touch them)?

Day 159

June 9: I love summer rain, and I love gigantic raindrops, and I love torrential downpours.

This picture is all about what you're willing to do to get the shot. I was willing to lay down in the flooded  street.

Day 160

June 10: So, I have this best friend, Aaron. You may have noticed him around. He comments here occasionally, and thirty-five years of friendship makes him think its okay to be snarky.

I asked him to give me a photo subject today, and he said "shoes."

And THEN he laid a guilt trip on me.

"Do you know how lucky you are to have shoes?"

Of course he's right. These are my steel toes that I wear to work. I can't wait to get home every day, to get out of them and slip in to my sandals. And the ability to do that (not even mentioning all the other shoes that I am constantly tripping over in my house) put me, and my family, in a small minority of the world's population.

Today, I am grateful for my shoes.

Thanks Aaron.


Emmy said...

First one to comment, what do you know.
Love both bubble shots, espeically the one with your daughter, love her hair flying around.

And yes shoes are good; if you don't believe me look at the many many pairs I have. :) oh wait now I feel guilty, doh!

Awesome rainbows! We left Utah before all of that mess of a storm, experienced the snow but not the major thunderstorm.

Honey Mommy said...

I am jealous of your rainbow shot! I tried for one a few weeks ago and it turned out SO lame.

I love the picture you took laying in the flooded street. It's awesome!

Cecily R said...

You caught water droplets! I'm so proud!

Where the heck was I when that triple rainbow happened? It's a GORGEOUS shot by the way.

Ah, the magic of the crop.

Shoes are good.

I've decided to do a whole post on bubbles sometime in the near future. In the meantime I need to practice. I never get that kind of bubble blowing shot.

This comment is random. It's totally out of order. And really long. Sorry about that.

Emily said...

I have a feeling Emma never gets bored. ;)
Glad you got your train shot..even if it was a fake. :P
Laying down in the pouring rain on the ground for a that's dedication.
I'm totally grateful for all my shoes too...I love each and every pair!

{krista} said...

K... I had something to say and I forgot what it was... thinking... thinking... oh wait, there it is... I have a very light green thumb, or should I say a dark green thumb, not quite black but not quite green. My secret? I ignore my flowers. That's pretty much it. They grow like weeds. Course, I don't grow roses...

Corey~living and loving said...

bored is going to be a long summer.

I can't resist the bubbles either.

A TRIPLE rainbow....I've never even successfully captures a single rainbow. I'm in awe.

no advice on the flowers. I'm clueless..

and the rain shot is MONEY! you are awesome.

and shoes...yeah.....perspective, huh? shoes are good.

kayerj said...

your summer shots are all terriffic, especially the rainbow. What a find!

On the roses . . . (like you really want me to give you more advice ;P)

Roses are deep rooted and require tons of water, more than they ever get in Utah. We bury a soaker hose around our beds, turn it on full blast and let it soak all day. A bloom should last about a week before reaching the stage where it falls apart when you touch it. If your roses are turning brown and curling on the edges of the petals and leaves you probably have aphids. You could introduce some praying mantis (male and female if you like *hehe*) or some lady bugs and they will keep your bushes clean. Or you can spray.

here is a pretty good website to tell you about the care of roses.

kayerj said...

oh and you'll get more blooms if you prune your roses after each flush of roses, prune at the nearest 5 leaf branch below the bloom. Sometimes I get 4 flushes in a growing season. If you don't prune the energy will go into making seeds.

all right enough!

have a nice week

Raise Them Up said...

Holy moly! That's an incredible rainbow shot. I like the cloud, too. It pulls the eye right in.

I love the rain shot, too! Wow. Don't think I'd be willing to lay in the flooded street to get it, though...Lol!

debi9kids said...

The rainbows!
Wow. Whenever I see double rainbows, i think of my friend's twin daughter that passed away a year ago from cancer... it's a happy way to remember her.

OMGOSH! My kids are bored too. Kills me! Are you kidding? 1 day into it and bored??? Go away! sheesh!

LOVE the shot of the raindrops. I, too, LOVE summer rain!

latree said...

the rose and shoes don't interest me much. but I love the bubbles, and the triple rainbow. I've never seen a triple rainbow in my life!
and the rain drops are so romantic -- don't ask me why I feel so.

latree said...
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Indrani said...

The third RB is slightly visible, what a great capture. And the raindrops shot left me speechless. Not much knowledge about growing roses, but you got a beautiful pic of it. :)

cat said...

Oh my 156 is the MOST AMAZING shot - I do not think I have ever seen a tipple rainbow. Also just love 159 = I miss summer.

Aaron said...

I used to have rose bushes....lots of them. They were way overgrown and out of control....I pruned them with a chainsaw.

The next year we had roses bigger than two of your fists together...huge. I don't know anything about them, except they liked the chainsaw.

'Shoes' was a quick txt answer because I was studying for my anatomy unit final and didn't have time to give you a real answer. It wasn't supposed to be deep until you kept txting me wanting more information. The guilt-trip was accidental....and I am snarky cause I learned from the best. were always my best writer. Most of my best work came from you.

Kelly Deneen Raymond said...

Ah bubbles. I chew bubble gum every day -- I probably drive my co-workers nuts. ha! And it makes me so happy to see kids blowing bubbles.

The rainbow picture is breath-taking!

The picture of the rose is beautiful. Yeah, just don't touch them. ;) (I really have no idea.)

The shoe shot is very cool, and we are lucky.

We have the pouring rain today. I am not lying down in the flooded street, but I do need to figure out how to capture moving water like that.

Pam Emmons said...

Those rainbows make me want some Lucky Charms.

Unknown said...

We are all so very lucky to have shoes, aren't we? What a blessing.

I love your pictures.

I always wonder why some roses do that. Will be interesting in learning the answer.

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

The cloud pouring rainbows is an awesome shot! Way to go laying in the rain for the cool drop picture!!

Holly said...

Awesome rainbow shot! Love it.

And I love that you don't care about lying down in water to get a picture. :)

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

I am so excited you got the rainbow shot! Yeah!

That shot with the rain is awesome. I might have done the same thing. I get weird looks a lot when I do stuff like that, but oh well. It pays off.

You need to find a way to enlarge your photos on here. They are so beautiful...I want to see them in full. Of course, I can click on them and it enlarges them, but I like to be picky, you know? :-)

And yes, about the bubbles, by the way. I like it more than my son does.

Mom24 said...

Your pictures have such an amazing quality to is that you can even make shoes look so good?

Love the rainbows.

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

What wisdom you discovered with those shoes!

And, you are right...always the bubbles.

Good luck with the flowers. I say don't touch them...I have a brown thumb, too!

(Maybe they need a little H2O?)