Thursday, June 24, 2010

Photostory Friday: 365 Week 25

Hosted by Chris

Do you ever feel like you're neglecting your blog? That's how I've felt lately, I've just been insanely busy this week. I apologize to those of you that I haven't gotten around to -- I will, I promise.

And I'll try to get another "Photo Class" up this weekend -- I know you're just dying for it  :)

Day 168

June 18: This is Emma. She's preparing to chew down a tree, with her hillbilly beaver teeth.

Day 169

June 19: Tiffany and Jaden. On Saturday, I shot bridals for their upcoming wedding, in July. 

July in St. George Utah. 

It's hot in St. George, in mid June. 

Brigham Young once said that if he had a house in Hell and a house in St. George, he'd rent out the house in St.George, and live in Hell -- because it's cooler. 

But, in the end, it's all about the pictures and the memories, right?

Day 170

June 20: On the way home from St. George, I took a side trip up Cedar Canyon, to Cedar Breaks National Monument. It's so beautiful up there -- not to mention SUBSTANTIALLY cooler than St. George. The only problem is, the air gets a little thin up there. 

Judging from this tree, I wasn't the only one having a tough time at 11,000 feet. 

Day 171

June 21: The first day of summer. 

The longest day of the year. 

And Matthew's birthday. 

Matt outgrew his hands this year, but with a little help from Emma, they got the job done. 

Day 172

June 22:  As far as my kids are concerned, I have hit the jackpot. 

Yep, nothing says you've reached the pinnacle of bluecollardom, like a shirt with your name on it. 

I'm not required to wear this, but I work in a very dirty place, and well, you know...

And it comes in handy too. For example: I went to McDonald's for lunch today (which I often do, because they have free wi-fi, and I can mess around on my iPad), and when the kid took my order, he didn't ask what my name was, to write on the little order slip -- he just said "Your order will be right up Chris."

I thought "I must come here enough that they've finally gotten to where they remember who I am! -- It's like going to Cheers!"

Then I looked down at my shirt. Everybody knows your name, when it's written on your shirt...

Day 173

June 23: Emma, Matt and the Neighbor Kid (that's not really his name, but I don't want to use names with faces without permission). Are they flashing the Peace Sign or are they claiming victory?

I prefer to think they're just counting to eight.

Day 174

June 24: I have a thing about my sunglasses. I have very specific criteria. I like them small, thin and black -- which makes the pair in the front ideal. 


I also like to be able to put them on top of my head, when I'm out and about -- especially taking pictures -- I'm always taking them off and putting them on again (only people on CSI take pictures with their sunglasses on). The problem is, I have a giant, misshapen head, and the glasses in front don't fit on top of my head. So the second, slightly bigger pair, are my walking around glasses. 

The pair in the back are my outdoor safety glasses for work. I only wear them when I have to, because they make me look like I should be wearing a "No Fear" T-shirt, and going to a Monster Truck Rally. 

Which just isn't me. 


Unknown said...

I love your pictures.
Love. Love. Love.
Emma is adorable!
Did I come over and say happy fathers day to you last Sunday? I tried to visit my MALE blogging friends and now, finally, after months and months of calling you a girl, it is ingrained in my head : )

Kaishon thinks shirts with your names on them are the coolest thing also. The pinnacle of coolness : )

Own it Chris!

Unknown said...

PS I would be happy to enter your linky only I never have 7 pictures.... and they are rarely spread out thruout the week. I will try next week though because I would LOVE to link up with some of your coolness! I totally dig Corey : )

Honey Mommy said...

Love the silhouette picture of the blissful couple. I don't think I've ever done a silhouette- any tips?

By the way Matt or Emma is giving "neighbor kid" some horns.. did you notice? Or maybe they are really counting to ten. :o)

Corey~living and loving said...

hey there!

love the emma shot at the beginning of your week. super fun perspective.

the silhouette is fabulous as well. :) hope you share more from that shoot.

Happy 11th to your son!

I have had the same pair of sunglasses for like 10 years now....and I don't even like them. LOL

Pam Emmons said...

I love Jaden and Tiffany's shot. I like all of the pictures from that day. I'm sure they will love them!

So, Emma's picture was the first picture I saw this morning, and I laughed out loud.
I can't believe Matt is 11!! How did that happen! I remember the chubby little baby he used to be!!!

Oh, and I'll see you in a few days.... hopefully. Let's hope we don't get stuck somewhere.

kayerj said...

love how Emma is always willing to lend a hand er finger. great pictures this wee.

scrappysue said...

i just love the stories that go with all those photos chris. when i saw the 'shirt with your name on it' - i immediately thought of jeff foxworthy!!!

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

So many things in this post made me laugh - hillybilly beaver teeth, St. George in July (remember I got married in June in St. George. My husband was melting in his black tux. We only have a couple of decent outside shots), and the Cheers reference - haha! At least you don't have to think about what to wear to work everyday, right?

Raise Them Up said...

Jeff Foxworthy! Lol! Scrappysue might just be on to something. You could probably get a side job writing for him. :) I bet you could wear the same uniform.

Great pictures. I loved the birthday shot the best.

Emmy said...

Your descriptions are always just as good as your pictures. So fun to read.
And yeah I haven't posted anything yet today so I understand that blogging thing.

And please don't let Emma read this post, even if it is true about her teeth that is all she will ever be able to think about in a few years. I had the buck teeth just like that (until three years of braces) and yeah I was self conscious about it.

Emily said...

I really love the silhouette picture. Really love it. And you don't have to tell me about hot wedding. We got married in August. In Alabama.
And with those sunglasses, it's almost like we should call you Agent C. Although having your name on your shirt would totally blow your cover.
Happy birthday, Matthew!

Sheri said...

I want to live somewhere where when I take a picture of two of my kids and the neighbor kid, there are beautiful mountains (big hills?) in the background!! Envious!

Amy said...

the bridals are beautiful. I love the picture of the tree. and I have sensitive eyes, so I often take pictures with my sunglasses :)

Loved the quote by Brigham Young.

Kat said...

Such great shots. All of them. I can't even pick a favorite. Love them! :)

cat said...

Love each and every one but the tree is my fav.

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

That bridal shot is wonderful. The quote I'd never heard before, but I LOVE it (I've been to St George!)

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

Your Emma is a doll!

The wedding silhouette (I always misspell that word) is perfect...and you can't see a bead of sweat on them!

Next time, you should tell Matt to use his toes!

I love it when I surprise people by using their name, and then point out that they are wearing it!

Nicole said...

Great pics! I especially like the #11. I think I will be in shock when my son hits that mark in less than 8 months! He so kindly gave me a reality check yester day...he said "so mom, did you know I can get my learners permit in 4 1/2 years?". My jaw dropped at the reality of this very scary thought.
As far as the car pictures go....I could only wish I were getting paid for them!!! Thanks for the compliment though :)