Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Things I did Once: #13

Did you ever work in a giant warehouse?

Was it freezing cold in the Winter, because your boss figured if he didn't have to spend time in there, what was the point of heating it?

(Was it always dark for the same reasons?)

Did you store refurbished exercise bikes in this warehouse?

Were they of all makes and models?

Were there some pretty old ones?

Did you like to hop on one of them in the mornings to get your blood pumping, and to heat yourself up?

Did you pedal as hard and fast as you could?

One day did you decide to ride one of the really old ones, the kind where the pedals are attached to the wheel, the kind where the weighted wheel didn't stop until it darn well felt like it?

Were you unaware of this when you started riding?

Did you pedal faster and faster and faster and faster?

Did you yell "Eat my dust Lance Armstrong!"?

Did your legs suddenly start to cramp up?

Did you try to use your feet and legs to forcibly stop the wheel from Hell?

Did you suddenly find yourself flying -- a' la the Greatest American Hero --  over the handlebars, and landing in a pile of broken treadmill parts?

Did you stick with the Stairmasters to warm you up from then on?

Huh. That EXACT same thing happened to me.


Kelly Deneen Raymond said...


You are my favorite. :)

Michelle said...

LOL! I remember those bikes and how they practically knocked our feet off if you tried to stop them while they moved at full speed!

Unknown said...

You are so funny!
I need to exercise...