Thursday, June 17, 2010

Photostory Friday: 365 Week 24

Hosted by Chris

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecilyand Lisa

Day 161

June 11: My twelve year old, who already looks like a fifteen year old, cut her long blonde hair.

Now she looks like she's seventeen.


Day 162

June 12: I paid a visit to my old elementary school. Some things have changed, but I was surprised at how much remained the same. These hopscotches look exactly the way I remember them.

It was an amazing visit -- it was a walk among ghosts. But, very friendly ghosts.

Day 163

June 13: One more white rose picture.

I have an old shot of Jordan, that is very similar to this. But where Jordan's eyes said "Innocence," Emma's say "Mischief."

Day 164

June 14: We went to a Peter Breinholt concert tonight. If you don't know his music, I suggest you go to iTunes and check him out. Start with "What About."

In front of the stage there was a little area where they let the kids dance to the more upbeat songs. It was like a little mini-moshpit. It was a whirl of light and color -- and Emma (the blue blur) led the way into the fray every time.

I know, shocking, huh?

I never listen to a Peter Breinholt song without becoming happier.

Tell 'em Pam!

Day 165

June 15: She claims she's a Tomboy.

Day 166

June 16: She bought it herself. Along with a three hundred-fifty dollar sewing machine, and she still has far more money in her savings account than I EVER had as a child.

Jordan has made more money from babysitting this year, than I made at my first job.

Apparently we don't pass everything on to our children -- Jordan certainly did not get her father's financial sense.

Lucky her.

Day 167

June 17: My Ukulele. I bought it for one reason: to learn to play Over the Rainbow.

Mission accomplished.

Okay, I'm not saying I couldn't use some practice...


Honey Mommy said...

Love the picture of the cut off shorts and the ballet flats! I need some cute shoes like those. :o)

I am impressed your daughter did so well with her babysitting money! I don't remember getting paid that much to babysit, but then again she must do it a lot!

Krystyn said...

Kids...they keep looking older and older! But, I don't think Jordan looks 17...does that make you feel better? But, holy cow, she's made some serious bank. Sometimes, I feel like a glorified baby sitter and I don't have an ipod (wait..we've had this conversation before).

The mini-moshpit looks like fun!

And, um, yeah...not a Tomboy. Just a wannabe.

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Every Tomboy has a soft side that she hopes will never be seen and certainly NEVER captured by camera!
Oh mischievous eyes.... I've seen some like that! Don't you just hate how girls are looking older and older, younger and younger?

debi9kids said...

OK. I wanna see video of you playing that and singing Over the Rainbow :)

OMGOSH... don't you hate when your kids look way older than they are??? ACK!

Corey~living and loving said...

love the shot of your oldest daughter. the fence makes a great back ground.

hop scotch.....sigh...good memories.

sniffing the flower....priceless.

the dancing so cool. really creative.

and the tomboy....not so sure.

I was a BIG babysitter money saver in my day, but not the $ you are talking. I love that she got a sewing machine. My kind of girl.

and we sooooooo need a video of your "over the rainbow.

have a great weekend.

Pam Emmons said...

Peter Brienholt is amazing!!!! If you're going to listen to him, you also have to hear Little Bird and Edwins Tale, also. He also has the best Christmas Album on the PLANET!!! I so hope I can catch a concert while I am there!

I know what picture you are talking about of Jordan, and you are right about the eyes. How funny.

Does Jordan want to share the wealth?

cat said...

Oh my word, great shots each and every one of them. If I have to choose just one - 165,.

Mom24 said...

Jordan definitely does not look 12. Wow!

The picture of Emma and the rose makes me wonder what she did with it immediately before and after. :)

I always hope my kids don't inherit my financial sense.

Aaron said...

No clown eh......{sigh}

Heidi said...

I love Jordan's new hair cut! It does make her look older though. Why do they have to grow up so fast?
The rose with Emma's eyes is such a wonderful picture. And you're right, she does look mischevious. The picture of the mosh-pit screams action, I love it. Sounds like a fun way to spend the evening!
And who knew that you were so musically talented, the piano, gutiar and the ukulele? That last one put it over the top!

Life with Kaishon said...

Wow. I loved looking at your pictures thru the week! Way to go learning to play Somewhere over the Rainbow! How great is that? : )

Love her new ipod. Love her nail polish. LOVE the rose. Love the hopscotch picture. You are so creative.

kris... said...

Your daughter is AWESOME (and mine did the same thing - with her hair, not her money - though I have enough money of hers that she's forgotten about in my dresser drawer that I could retile my kitchen - so tempting!). I'm just glad that on these long summer days, she spends all day in her jammies watching sponge bob so I don't worry about her looking older than she is too much. haha!

And over the rainbow - best song ever. If I should ever run into you somewhere, I expect you to have the uekelele on hand so I can hear it...

Kelly Deneen said...

LOVE the ukelele picture! That is such an awesome song too. I demand video.

I love that you took so many photos of the girls this week! They are both so beautiful, and you show them off so well.

And thanks for not forgetting about me. ;) ha!

The moshpit picture is really creepy/cool!

Emily said...

I'm sticking to what I said earlier...we need a video of you and the uk.
Love Emma and the rose. It might be my new fave shot of her. Her eyes are so expressive.
WTG Jordan! It's certainly takes a lot of commitment and self-control to save like that. Wish I were that way. My husband probably does too.