Thursday, November 22, 2007

2. Peter Breinholt : Noel
Okay, so this is one of those predictable titles, but, trust me, it works here. Peter Breinholt is a local guy here in Utah, but over the years he has acquired a substantial following outside the immediate area. If I had to classify his music, I would call it folk, but really Peter has a unique sound of his own. His music is an acoustic amalgamation. There are guitars and banjos and fiddles and drums and pianos and cellos and on and on...It is, musically, very rich -- and very original. Nine of the eleven songs on this CD are traditional Christmas songs, but everyone of them feels original. Not in a distracting way though. Actually, listening to this CD makes you think that this is the way these songs are supposed to sound. His two original songs -- “Christmas Eve Song” and “ Wake up Little Child” are typical of Peter Breinholt’s writing : sort of a stream of consciousness collection of wonderfully descriptive sentences, paired with beautiful music. This CD is also suitable for listening throughout the entire season. Actually I could listen to this all year long...I don’t even do that with Bing Crosby.

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