Thursday, November 22, 2007

3. Kurt Bestor: Noel
Two Noels in a row? Yes, but I swear it’s okay. The title of this CD is also apppropriate, but only these two -- no more! Kurt Bestor is another local, with a pretty large following outside of the intermountain area. He has scored music for movies, television shows, even the Olympics, as well as several “new age” albums of his own. But, he made his name with Christmas Albums (he has five) and his yearly Christmas concerts - - which used to be really good, now he’s gotten a little stale (although he’d be the last one to know it - he has a bit of an ego). Luckily, we have recordings of his music. Noel is his third Christmas CD, and he was really hitting his stride. It has a little of everything (this is all instrumental music, incidentally) from new age piano, to quiet traditional, to full orchestral pieces. The prettiest songs on this collection are “Star Carol” and “Hark the Herald Angels Sing” -- check out the piano solo mid way through the last one.

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