Thursday, November 22, 2007

8. Elvis Presley: If Every Day was like Christmas
Elvis has become something of a joke -- and for good reason, but, once you get past the sequined jumpsuits and the impersonators, it turns out he could actually sing. Usually Elvis and Christmas means “Blue Christmas” -- which is on this CD -- but there are so many other great songs on this album that Blue Christmas is more of a footnote. Elvis puts his unique spin on several traditional Christmas songs (Silver Bells, The First Noel, Silent Night etc...) but the best songs on this disc have a lonely, melancholy sound to them. “It won’t seem like Christmas without you”, “Holly Leaves and Christmas Trees”, and “If I get home on Christmas Day” remind you that Christmas is not always presents and joyful exuberance, sometimes it is loneliness and heartache. I’ll admit, this album probably isn’t for everyone, but don’t judge it too harshly before you’ve given it an honest chance.

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