Wednesday, July 29, 2009

365: Week 30

31 Posts in 31 Days: #29

Day 204

July 23: Yes, I shot this same flower last week. And that picture was much better.

But, you see, I got my other camera back from the shop (where it has been for two months), the one with the macro lens.

Apparently I've forgotten how to use it.

Day 205

July 24: Annie came for a visit.

Annie Love is my three year old niece, and she thinks I'm the best uncle EVER! (I have other nieces -- they are not so enamored).

She was hanging out in my hammock, in her Crocs -- the only shoes she wears. Annie is moving to Germany soon, and I'm afraid she won't remember much about me by the time I see her again. So I treasure these visits from this curly headed little beauty.

Day 206

July 25: We had, literally, dozens of dragonflies swarming around in the back yard, and do you think I could get even one to hold still long enough for me to take it's picture?

Well, if that's what you thought, you were right.

Day 207

July 26: Does anyone know who this goofball is?

Surely she has not sprung from my loins...

Day 208

July 27: A utilitarian shot, but what you're witnessing is my son taking a step into manhood.

He set up the tent all by himself! (well, with a slight assist from his sisters -- but no parental involvement).

He's a man now.

I feel like we should grill something, or chest bump, or whatever it is that men do...

Day 209

July 28: Water and sun (and tan lines). That's summer.

Day 210

July 29: I came. I saw. I kicked it's @#$!

I'm just knocking out these home repair projects like a pro! First the kitchen sink, then the sprinkler lines, now the outside faucet (which would not shut off, and no one mentioned that to me yesterday, and the back yard was a swamp...)

Next up -- the sprinkler head I mowed last weekend.


Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander said...

Fabulous week of shots! And I really, REALLY like the Dragon shot. :)

Emily said...

Nothing like a good tan line.
Congrats to your son...don't you guys slap each other's behinds or something?
And great job capturing that dragon fly!

Straight to Your Hart said...

Okay you had me at one more fix...and then..running over the sprinkler head?! That's something I would do...

Loving your photos Chris. Hope all is well for you and the family:)

Oh, and I love tan lines...a tan on me makes me look not fair in the NON summer months..and it hides blemishes so much better. White needs to be the new tan, but I can't seem to get others to think the same thing..CraP!!

Michelle said...

I missed your weekly picture post. Good for you for getting your home improvement projects done. We women like men that are handy. :)