Saturday, July 11, 2009

Celebrating what you've got

31 Post in 31 Days: #11

I live in a small town.

It's pretty close to a rather big town...but it still feels small, and that's what matters. And in a small town, in the summer, you celebrate what you have. In Utah communities, throughout the summer and early fall, we have Raspberry Days and Peach Days and Onion Days and Strawberry Days, and --who knows-- probably Jell-O Days. In Farmington, we don't have a crop, per se, to celebrate, but we don't want to be left out so, in July, we have Festival Days.

This weekend is Festival Days.

There are various activities throughout the week, but the crowning jewel of course, is the parade.

I've seen my share of the big parades, but I prefer the small town version -- and ours has all the essential ingredients:

Flags carried by local veterans (this alternates every year or so with the Cub Scouts -- either one is acceptable).

Every emergency vehicle within a ten mile radius.

Local politicians, and those seeking to replace them.

Pretty girls, riding in classic, convertible cars.

Marching bands, from the nearby schools -- and in the Davis High Marching Band, we have one of the premier marching bands in the country.

Horses -- and their attendants.

Tractors. Lots of tractors.

People hucking stuff at you -- we scored this year: A couple of bags full of salt water taffy (the official candy of the State of Utah), dozens of Otter Pops, three frisbees, two balls, suckers, Tootsie Rolls, about a dozen combs (that was new this year) and a ream's worth of flyers from all the local businesses.

Dancers (hint: sit near the beginning of the parade route -- they're still excited about being there).

Cute kids, doing backflips on a trampoline - while on a moving trailer.

Floats and clowns and unicycles.

Water. Squirted right at your camera. Over and over again.

And my favorite part: friends and neighbors. We've lived in Farmington for long enough now, that as we walk along the parade route, we see friends from our old neighborhood, as well as the neighborhood we now live in. We catch up, we talk about how big everyone's kids are getting, we talk about how we miss each other, and how glad we are to hear that everything is going well.

On Festival Days, everything is always going fine.

In Farmington, we may not a have a crop to celebrate, but we have one another -- and you know what? We like each other.

You celebrate what you've got.

I gotta run -- I need to get ready for the fireworks show (we have prime seats on our back patio -- another small town benefit)!


Kat said...

You could have warned me about that clown picture. Scared the tar out of me.
Gotta love the small towns. :)

kayerj said...

maybe you could suggest "Lagoon Days" or I think it's the home of Snelgrove ice-cream, that's something big.

SalGal said...

I love our little small-town parade, too! My favorite is the tractors. There are like, a gazillion of them! I also love it when the old vets go by. We love to stand and clap for them. At the end of our parade, the firefighters stop at every intersection and hook up a hose to the fire hydrant. It's awesome! They shoot straight up and all the kids run and dance under the "rain".

Susan said...

Small town parades are certainly unique. Looks like yours was a good time.
If our parade had had tractors Austin would have had to be restrained. The boy is a little tractor crazy and is teaching Mia to follow in his footsteps.
Hope the fireworks were great!

Lori said...

It was a great day yesterday. Some years I love Festival Days and some years I don't. We have learned not to drive anywhere that day.... just walk.
It was great to see you. Thanks for supporting Ben in his money making deals. You are great.

Straight to Your Hart said...

I totally agree!! Combs?? Well the front row seats are the best for the fireworks display. I missed out this year:( However the fireworks display at the small town in Gold Beach OR gave me some sense of being home. A little on the foggy side but small town feel none the less.

Unknown said...

Chris, I have never gone one Fourth of July without thinking of you and your Dad. I remember the best firework shows I ever saw where in your yard. I was always amazed at ALL the fireworks your Dad had. It was so much fun! My parents probably loved it because they didn't have to buy any and we could enjoy your free show. I really enjoy your blog and talent. Glad you had a great Fourth. I went to Richfield and totally agree that there is nothing better than a small town Fourth of July.
Angela Jordan Maddock