Wednesday, September 9, 2009

365: Week 36

Day 247

September 3: Evidently the local McDonald's needs to charge these exorbitant prices in order to pay for a new "W" for their sign.

Day 248

September 4: Friday night we headed out into the Great Salt Lake, for the 3rd Annual Antelope Island Balloon and Kite Stampede. This is the first year we've gone. There were four hot air balloons and no kites. Which begs the question: What did it look like the first year?

Day 249

September 5: Opening day of the 2009 college football season. #20 BYU taking on #3 Oklahoma, with their Heisman trophy winning quarterback and fresh off their appearance in the (so called) national championship. You may remember that game, it was the one where two teams with one loss each played a game and called the winner the national champion, rather than the undefeated University of Utah who demolished Alabama in the Sugar Bowl and had to settle for 2nd place....but I digress....

#20 BYU knocks off #3 Oklahoma -- 14-13 -- and rocks the college football world in the first week of play.


Day 250

September 6: I did not take this picture. This is the moment from the game on Saturday where McKay Jacobsen catches the seven yard pass from Max Hall for the winning touchdown.

This is where my head was for the entire day Sunday, and consequently I woke up in a cold sweat, early Monday morning, and realized that, for the second time this year, I forgot to take a picture.

Forgive me, I was still mentally in Texas.

Day 251

September 7: At 4:50 am, twelve years ago today, I became a father. To celebrate Jordan's birthday, Monday afternoon, I took her out for a little photo shoot.

I started taking pictures seriously when Jordan was born. She is my most photographed subject, she is my best model, the most beautiful pictures I've ever taken are of Jordan.

Having had a camera in front of her all her life, Jordan is a natural when it comes to posing for me -- we almost don't have to speak, she instinctively knows what I want her to do. It's a connection I treasure, especially as we head in to the murky future of teenagerdom.

Day 252

September 8: The Wall.

This is a large wall inside the front door of our home. It's where I display all my current favorite pictures. I change it out two or three time a year. Tuesday night I was instructed to swap out the photos for new images in preparation for the Annual Pampered Chef party on Wednesday (which was a bigger success than that Balloon and Kite Stampede, incidentally).

Day 253

September 9: Do you ever find yourself reaching the end of another week in your 365 day photo project, and find that you just have no idea what to take a picture of, and as you're sitting in the parking lot at Walmart, you look out your window and see these kind of cool looking weeds, so you snap a picture and call it good?

What a coincidence, that's EXACTLY what happened to me tonight.


Cecily R said...

That Jordan...she is a beauty.

I really need a better photo wall...I don't actually print pictures enough.

Emily said...

Only a $1 for a drink...they sound desperate. Maybe business is down because people are finally realizing how gross McDs is!
I like the balloon picture...that water looks amazingly smooth.
I'm pretty indifferent to BYU, but I totally dislike Oklahoma. Regardless of the team, though, I still get chills when I see a game changing play. Nothing is quite as awesome as football...
Jordan is b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. And only 12!? better watch out...she's going to have eleventy seven guys around her all the time if she doesn't already!
I like the wall gallery. I have one of those in my house too, although none of the pictures are ones I've taken.
The weeds by Walmart? I'm pretty sure you cheated that day! ;-P

Corey~living and loving said...

love them all, but seriously...that second the party. very cool.

have a GREAT week!

Terri said...

Well it might not have been much of a stampede, but the photo is gorgeous.

Love the Jordan photo - what a beauty. She and I almost share a birthday, mine being the 6th. I'm a bit older though.

I love Wednesday nights too!

kayerj said...

The game was so sweet! Even caught the re-play on KBYU. It was just as sweet the second time around. My 3 favorite moments were: 1) When the commentator said that the quick snap resulting in a 1st down was a thing of beauty. 2) Jacobsen standing all by himself in the endzone just waiting for his catch. and 3) that quirky-OMG what just happened look on the face of Oklahoma's quarterback at the end of the game! But I also love the fact that Bronco Mendenhall actually smiled--for days afterward :) I'm still smiling.

And speaking of sweet smiles, your daughter Jordan is probably the queen.

{krista} said...

That balloon is awesome! And that game was awesome!!!

Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander said...

Jordan = beautiful! I want to see more!

Melissa said...

That same football game where BYU "knocked off" that nation championship game playing quarterback.... :)
I am glad football is back too... i love this time of year (even if our team, UCF Knights, stinks)

Kelly Deneen Raymond said...

Kite Stampede with no kites? bwahaha! That is priceless. :)

Jordan is so beautiful! I love that picture.

Yet another brillian week of photos.

Michelle said...

Ha, I would have noticed that M disguised as a W too!

My favorite shot this week is the hot air balloon. I love everything about it.

Happy birthday to your darling daughter.

Honey Mommy said...

I love that hot air balloon photo. It's beautiful!