Wednesday, September 16, 2009

365: Week 37

Day 254

September 10: Has your twelve year old daughter ever forgotten to tell you that she has eight warts on her foot that are so blistered and painful that she can't walk? Eight warts that need to be scooped out with a mini-ice cream scoop by the doctor? That's what happened at our house Thursday.

Now that I look at the picture, I see that Jordan is missing her pinky toe. I should really pay closer attention to what my kids are doing.

Day 255

September 11: Cheap Friday night date.

This is the remote for our iMac. It allows access to several multi media programs on the computer, including upcoming movie previews. And that's what we did for two hours friday night: Sherlock, Toy Story 3, The Wolfman and Where the Wild things Are, look great.

Oh, and my wife is definitely looking forward to New Moon -- she's a Jacob fan (which is putting it mildly).

Day 256

September 12: This is what "washing Dad's car" looks like. Evidently Dad's car wears a #13 yellow soccer jersey. And glasses.

Notice the look of satisfaction on Emma's face?

Day 257

September 13: It was getting late, and I was indecisive.

Day 258

September 14: Another day at work, another day of shooting the weeds.

Day 259

September 15: Apparently some of the local trees are getting a head start on the dropping their leaves thing. Actually, I was trying to take a picture of a very green tree, against a very dark storm cloud, but it didn't turn out. I shot this tree accidentally.

Some days I'm just glad I remember to take a picture.

Day 260

September 16: Matthew dreams of making the highlight reel. And if they had a highlight reel for spectacular catches made on the trampoline, he would.


Anonymous said...

That poor baby's foot! I'm a Jacob fanatic - I mean fan as well. I love the orange, strawberry and pineapple crush. I'm drooling just typing that. LOL

Your pictures are always lovely. (:

Emily said...

Her poor foot and missing toe! I hope it was just hidden in the ace bandage and you're just messing with us and I actually got one of your jokes for a change. :D
Team Jacob? No way! Vampires are eternal and they don't shed. Much better.
The car washing picture is hilarious. Did your car actually get washed as well?
I have no idea what a crush is but it looks gross.
They are beautiful weeds.
The tree shot is neat. Was there something wrong with it to make it lose it's leaves so early?
The trampoline shot is cool even though trampolines totally freak me out...even if I'm not anywhere near one.

Cecily R said...

DUDE. That last shot is AWESOME. The tree one isn't bad either.

If your wife can handle some drooling (not by me, I'm a fan of watching my grown friends be giddy little school girls more than I am of Twilight) and off color jokes she should come to New Moon with the bunch. MOST of them are Team Jacob so she'd fit right in. :)

Corey~living and loving said...

always a joy to come here. :) the foot awesome.

I have some kitty shots up.....taking a photo of my kitty everyday in Sept. check it out. :)

have a great thursday.

kayerj said...

I hope you found the toe :)

Jacob has a gorgeous smile, and he's all warm and cozy--go team jacob!

last picture, best of all the game.

Mom24 said...

Julianna had a similar situation with warts on her big toe--lots of warts. The doctor didn't really want to remove them because it would hurt, she said eventually they would go away, but eventually would take years.

Well, they got to the point Julianna could barely walk so...the duct tape cure. Wrap duct tape around the affected area. Leave it on for a week. At the end of the week take it off and soak the area in water for 10 minutes or so. File the warts with an emery board. Put the duct tape back on. Repeat, repeat, repeat as necessary. In Julianna's case, the entire cluster of warts she had had for over a year disappeared in two weeks. I could not believe it.

The doctor had told us about the duct tape treatment, somewhat dismissing it as mumbo-jumbo and I definitely thought it was ridiculous too. What did I know?

If they ever come back to Jordan or any of your other kids, give it a try. It truly amazed me.

Mom24 said...

BTW--you put fresh duct tape on each week, don't reuse the other stuff. Ewww.

Sharon said...

My husband has a tendency to exaggerate! I would love to go with you, Cecily, but I'm afraid you would be disappointed. I definitely do not turn into a giddy little school girl. Now, if we could turn our attention to Chris and his thoughts on Megan Fox..... :}

Heidi said...

Megan Foxx huh?
Anyway, what happened to your daughters pinky toe and how did you miss that accident. I feel bad that she was in so much pain.
I love your pictures, but my favorite is the last one! What a great shot. I don't know the dumping water shot was great as well.
And what kind of weeds are they growing at your work? (that last sentence sounded a little inappropriate) They seem to be awfully pretty weeds.
Thanks for stopping by my blog!

puna said...

Interesting week you've had there Chris. I feel for your daughter, she must be in pain.

Suzanne said...

I noticed Jordan limping as she walked to school by us this week -- I didn't know it was THAT, ouch!

scrappysue said...

wow. just wow. love all of them! the trick is not to feel like a total heel when you realise your kids have been in pain and neglected to tell you!!!

Michelle said...

Ugh...poor little feet.

Another great weed shot. I think you might have to do a show on your weeds. They are impressive. :)

Crush huh? So how do you feel about a sugar tax?

That last shot is awesome!

Anonymous said...

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