Wednesday, September 23, 2009

365: Week 38

Day 261

September 17: Is this normal?

I got into a fight with an empty cardboard box. Guess who won?

Day 262

September 18: If you live in northern Utah, and you need spaying or neutering (well, not you specifically, but any dogs, cats, rabbits or teenagers you'd like to remove from the gene pool), the Heartsong Spay and Neuter Clinic -- owned by my father-in-law -- will be opening any day now.

At least that's the rumor.

Day 263

September 19: If you're willing to take your very expensive camera out into the dark and stormy night, you just might catch something spectacular.

Day 264

September 20: That's a pretty flippin' cool picture!

(I'm sorry, it just came out before I could stop myself)

This is pretty much how Emma goes through life.

Day 265

September 21: These are the hands I love. They're fixing the blanket that they crocheted for me -- it sort of self destructed.

Day 266

September 22: Michelle, my crafty friend from San Diego, has almost convinced me to shoot a weekly weed picture. Fortunately, between work, and the vacant field encroaching over my backyard fence, I have an endless supply.

Sunflowers are weeds, right?

Day 267

September 23: When all else fails, go shoot the roses in the front yard. Be sure to shoot the pink ones, because the white ones look like they've been through the war.

I don't know what I'm going to do when I no longer have flowers in the front yard to fall back on.


Emily said...

Day 261; Yuck. I don't think that's normal. You should seek revenge on the box.
Day 262; thanks for the tip although I don't live in No Utah and my dog is already neutered.
Day 263; I'm all about taking risks. Looks like this one paid off.
Day 264; watch your language! ;)
Y'all are all about the trampoline, aren't you?
Day 265; those are the best kind of blankets...ones that have worn out from too much snuggling! And I'm jealous that your wife can crochet. I always wanted to do that and tried to learn once but stopped when I got so frustrated that I almost turned to violence with the crochet thingies.
Day 266; I thought sunflowers were flowers.
Day 267; I love roses so much. This one is gorgeous. When it's fall, just shoot the leaves changing.

puna said...

I can't believe the boo boo on your hand. Looks like it really hurt.

Terri said...

Kudos on the lightning photo, very impressive. And you're right, it's a flippin' cool shot of Emma.

Puppy will be removed from the gene pool next week (she thinks she's getting sprayed) but SLC is a bit far away. Looks good though.

When you no longer have flowers to fall back on, fall back on the weeds. You don't even have to mention they're weeds.

Corey~living and loving said...

seriously...if your hand still looks like that....see a doctor. OUCH!

the lightening.....WOWZA! that is fabulous.

love the hands fixing the blanket, and the backlighting of the sunflowers. NICE.

have a great evening.

Honey Mommy said...

I have always wanted to capture lightening, but haven't done it yet! Your lightening picture is spectacular! As is the lump on your hand! That looks SO painful!