Monday, January 25, 2010

25 things I ought to be doing

Twenty five things I ought to be doing on the 25th

1. I ought to be working on my "Five Olives Photography" blog.

2. I ought to be doing the dishes.

3. I ought to be folding some laundry.

4. I ought to floss my teeth.

5. I ought to get a head start on my pictures for this week's 365 post. Thursday will be here before I know it.

6. I ought to write something meaningful about what's going on in Haiti.

7. I ought to write something meaningful -- period.

8. I ought to vacuum out my car.

9. I ought to be more informed.

10. I ought to drink more water -- and less soda pop.

11. I ought to stop being my own biggest impediment to success.

12. I ought to clean the black boogers out of my nose.

13. I ought to work on editing the rest of the pictures from the wedding -- almost two weeks ago.

14. I ought to be listening to more Jimmy Buffett.

15. I ought to make my lunch for tomorrow -- because I never do in the morning.

16. I ought to look for more old friends on Facebook.

17. I ought to spend less time on Facebook.

18. I ought to get around and visit more of my blogging friends -- I think about you, does that count?

19. I ought to care more about the time I have with my children, and less about the messes they make. Constantly.

20. I ought to kiss my wife more often.

21. I ought to play the piano more.

22. I ought to work harder for my daily photograph -- I can't stick the camera out the window, on the drive home  EVERY DAY.

23. I ought to oil my bullwhip.

24. I ought to have my wedding ring resized -- but I have to get it off my finger first.

25. I ought to give more thought to writing these daily blog posts.

That list was surprisingly easy to write. 


Pam Emmons said...

You're a nerd. Please get the black boggers out. That's just sick.
Right now I ought to be getting my kids ready for school, but there is a two hour delay, so my motivation is gone.

Robyn Lee said...

Haha... Love it! : )

cat said...

Oh I love the "Kiss my wife more often" one!

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

Many of these I should have been doing as well, so I can totally relate!

Emmy said...

This list was great too! I think I might have snorted a bit when I read #12. Why are they black do I dare ask??

Emily said...

That was, um, informative. And a little gross a few times. And you really can't spend enough time on FB. And people should always listen to Buffett!

{krista} said...

you had me until #12... that was just more than I needed to know. LOL

Michelle said...

I love your ought to list (I might have to steal that).

I have to say, Facebook is over rated and I'd be a little concerned about the black boogies. Ewww!

Corey~living and loving said...

that list was surprisingly fun to read. :)

debi9kids said...

FANTASTIC! Love #11 and laughing at #12 :)

Aaron said...

I'm with're a nerd.

You go Pam.....

Heidi said...

I need to do a lot of these things too. Except the black boogers. I don't have boogers. :)

I ought to be doing SOMETHING besides visiting all my bloggy friends.

scrappysue said...

surely vacuuming out your car IS meaningful...:)