Saturday, January 16, 2010

Five Questions: the Sequel

Okay, it's more like four and a half questions, because:

1. I still want more information about:

I want to know why this equation is revolutionary. It changed the world. How and why?

2. How many licks DOES it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop?

If we had two people, side by side, taking an equal number of licks, simultaneously, would they reach the center at the same time?

3. And, speaking of centers, how do they get the creamy filling into the center of a Twinkie?

I just like the Twinkie Henge picture.

4. How does a block and tackle work?

Why does it become easier to lift something simply by dragging the rope across a piece of wood?

Obviously, physics alludes me.

5. How can I make the popcorn I make at home, taste like movie theater popcorn? I mean REALLY taste like it. Not like this stuff:

(I love you Orville, but it's not the same thing)

I'm talking the salt, the "butter" like substance, all the artery clogging, butt enhancing, greasier than the puddle of liquid leaking from my van (boy, I'm making this sound appetizing) goodness that is movie theater popcorn.


kayerj said...

the food network--Unwrapped-- explains the twinkie mystery in an episode.

If you want movie popcorn at home you have to buy a movie popcorn machine to use at home.

you might check out a couple of posts on this blog:

they used a block and tackle to extract a snowmobile out from under the ice. I don't know why it works, but they're glad it did.

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

They squeeze the Twinkie stuff in with a plunger. Yup. I'm sure that's it....

And you don't like a Tootsie bite the owl said in the original commercial.

Emily said...

Question two has too many variables. It depends on the size of each person's tongue and how much pressure they use when licking said tootsie pop.
I think they use a machine but Twinkies are kind of gross.
It's easier to lift because the weight is dispersed differently...I think. Check this out:
Maybe you can have a guy who works at the movie theater come over to make that popcorn for you?

Pam Emmons said...

You think too much about popcorn. Just keep buying it at the theater.

Heidi said...

A little too deep for me this week. I think they use those little holes at the bottom of the twinkie and squirt the fluffy icing in via the hole. Could be wrong, but that's how I'd do it.
As for the tootsie pop, I think that the person that produced the most spit would get to the center first. Wrong? probably.
Really I don't have an answer for any of them this week.
But I do know how to eat that artery clogging popcorn by the bucketful. I learned it from my daughter.

{krista} said...

Oh, but do you know how to work a box and whisper plot? Now that one, I can tell you... sorta...

Emmy said...

The key to the good popcorn is this weird buttery/oil stuff that you add while cooking. It is kind of scary as it is solid in it's natural state (oh my arteries), but it is good :)

CDB said...

I had to check out comments to see if anyone addressed E=mc2; it was Einstein's theory of relativity in which he proved, for the first time, that the speed of light is constant, but NOT time, which blew every other theory away at the time, implied the Universe was expanding, among other things.
No, but my dad is an engineer and we had to discuss physics at the diner table.